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Anyone know if the caravans with Bienvenido Paisano will happen this year. He is Mexican born with a permanent resident card for the USA , I am a US citizen as are our children.. Do me and the kids need to get a tourist permit since technically we arent tourists we are home owners? Tijuana, on the other hand, is the second largest city in the state and is known for its bustling nightlife and vibrant culture. U r not a US citizen so can likely be refused entry I am a retired US citizen with no residency status in Mexico. The fee is about $25. In my experience no two ports of entry operate by the the same rules and the rules are interpreted differently by individual agents. I have now spoken with a few people that have driven down to several places in Mexico within the last few months, and they were not even stopped at the border upon entering Mexico. i am from one of the sub-saharan countries in West Africa, i abandoned my asylum claim in 2016 and went back to my country. The new rules require visitors (people who do not hold a US passport or Green Card) who wish to enter the United States by land from Mexico to present evidence showing that they are fully vaccinated with an approved Covid vaccine brand. waiting on my passport so I can travel to molar city for dental work. The city of Mexicali is located in the Mexican state of Baja California, which is not a part of the United States. WebThe Calexico West border crossing is open 24 hours a day, every day. We would be crossing US/Mex border in Nov 2020, and assuming all Canadian/USA/Mex borders still closed, we plan to ship our vehicle from Canada to US, Fly to US and pick up vehicle to drive to Mazatlan. My Son and his girlfriend just drove from SanDiego to Valle de Guadalupe. (As you mentioned the consulate issued you with a Menaje de Casa, I take it that you have a *residency* sticker and not a 6-month *visitor* visa sticker.). If my fianc and I marry here in the USA by the judge can she then cross back to the US with no problems? The city is home to numerous attractions such as the Rio Hardy, the Imperial Valley, and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. First lets have the base that your governor has selected tourism for your beautiful country is essential to the economy of Mexico and current rules are such in Mexico mask up including in your personal vehicle. Many could afford to fly but didnt want to because of covid. You could possibly talk to a local doctor for advice. How is it different now getting into and out of mexico than it was before? Ask your dentist about transportation, You should be okay as long as you follow your own instructions cross take the Uber to the dentist office and back and cross . I would save some time. Hours of Operation: 8:00AM - 8:00PM (Pacific), Seven Days Week. Absolutely, enjoy your trip. We usually go to the appartment once a month or once every two month and just stay there for a few days. Thank you in advance. If we plan on staying on the toll-roads and heading south as expeditiously as possible, should we still expect issues or might we be able to get to Quintana Roo without much hassle? I cross all the time without a passport since I cannot obtain one due to child support and I have no problems they just ask for $20 for a 7 day permit and absolutely no problems getting back into the states, Would you know if I can cross back into the u.s. from Mexicali with just my identification card enhanced and my birth certificate as I am stuck in Mexicali not knowing.thank you dj. as for the import permit ,online is what I did, got it in less than 2 days. I dont want mandated vaccines. Our resort is open and the airlines are on track to take us and bring us back. It is easy to get a business account. Assuming youre US citizens with good ID, preferably passports but not actually required, you have full right to cross back into the US. I get the visa every time now that I fully understand how it works, Rocky point is free zone you dont need permit to go, You need a passport to enter into Mexico I go there all the time, So can you go into Mexico now even with the COVID -19? California only borders the Mexican state of Baja California and a The officer simply asked me where in Hawaii was I born. Ive lived in a city where I can see the az/Mexico border for twenty years. Now it looks like its been extended to 23Jun. I havent been able to return to Canada yet as a family member has been recovering from a recent surgery. Me, the parent, I do cross only with my US Passport and vaccination card as well. Any information from someone who has recently done the journey would be really appreciated! Are the pharmacies open to Arizonans at this time? Once the TIN expires the car is illegally in mainland Mxico tho that law does not apply to the Baja peninsula as you do not need to have a TIN to drive there. I just saw on Facebook that Mexico is restricting and tourist crossing into Mexico through land as of March 19. I dont have either (just an expired US passport). Its like covid restrictions arent on. An official website of the United States government. I was told when going back into the US more questions are ask than coming in. and for how long could be extended beyond January 2022? US Citizens returning to the US are not affected even now. I have ESTA and the invitation letter and purchase order from the company, which is based in the US. Discussion in 'Latin America' started by The Fist, Nov 13, 2007. has anyone from the northeast went driving to Mexico without problems? Question. Actually you can cross with your birth certificate and ID. As I will have one roller luggage I will probably appear as though crossing for non-essential reasons. While Mexico is pretty cheap on certain things, other things can be quite expensive since those items had to be imported from the USA and pay a duty/tariff etc. You can go through either but commercial vehicles go through the East crossing so we go through the west. Regarding individuals traveling to United States with a Visa to work as an Agricultural worker, 1. I think were planning to go for it. Hi, As of January 2022, all visitors wishing to enter the United States, regardless of whether they are traveling for essential reasons or not, will need to demonstrate proof of being fully vaccinated at the border. Hi dears The left lane is marked "Motos" and "Motorcycles" as well as traffic returning to Mexicali. You wont be able to fly from the uk to USA but you could fly directly to mexico from the UK wait in mexico for 2 weeks then fly to USA. Will I be permitted to enter? My mother, 3 siblings and I are wanting to travel to Mexico to see our great grandfather who is sick (not related to COVID just of old age). They r restricting car traffic over border to US to all but essential and citizens LeAnn if you are legal resident along with your children you have no problem. They never have problems so I assume it will be ok too ! July 22, 2021 Mexico has no tourism restrictions. Or will they turn us back at the border? I have a Cali license. Its been almost 100 days. Do just mexicans bring covid in? And are strict on numbers for entry and social distancing requirements way more cautious then america for sure i feel safer going out in mexico then america. Keep asking questions and the truth will be revealed. You shouldnt worry about getting back into the US if youre crossing on foot. This is the first I have ever seen anything like this crossing. Im wondering the same on the tourist visas since there isnt an online way to get it. Would love to hear more about your experience. Yes if you are a US citizen or a visa citizen they cant deny you access. Tijuanas long history of debauchery, on the other hand, has a darker side. The flights are 1/4 the price of flying from AZ. We are currently trying to arrange travel for my UK partner into the States for the birth of our baby in July. Food and lodging: the Lucerne Hotel and the Quartz Hotel in TJ are beautiful first class establishments with excellent service and delicious food. During their time working must they report their work locations? I am a U.S. citizen with a Passport flying to El Paso this May and plan on crossing to Juarez by land. Hello, Ive been going to San Miguel Allende and stay at my sisters house for the last few years until the pandemic hit. Hi Joan, how recent have you traveled to Baja via Tijuana? Check the great reset (world economic forum) and UN agenda 2030 and you will understand why they created a global pandemic to serve a very sinister agenda. But I am raising questions for you from what I hear so please investigate more comprehensively. Crossing the border under the current Covid restrictions. info! We have our 3 year temporals. Also, have crossed border by foot and car. They gave those north the option of staying and becoming citizens or moving south to Mexico. This is from the U.S. Department of State. may i know what you did? We stopped in Mazatlan one night. The East crossing is currently open from 6 am until 10pm daily. But be carfule never try to reach the Tijuana airport without a us passport or any legal doc. I am a US citizen living in Mexico and my husband is a Mexican citizen with a US tourist visa. I am in same situation with European husband. I have made two trips across the US/Mexican border since the restrictions have been put in place and am planning a third trip for next week. I need help on how I can bring her back. I just wonder if possible to cross border(by car) to take the vaccine? I am a US citizen who lives in the middle of MX half the year. Make sure you bring your US passport with you, Easy. Hi Angela, as Jason remarked you can fly to Mexico; some smaller airports are closed but main ones remain open. Hi I have a Flight on the 3rd of May & I am bringing my grandma back . You NEED a passport, a birth certificate will not be enough. They can confiscate your car and possessions if you are caught anywhere in the country without a visa. However, I lost the baby here and needed to quarantine until I healed before going anywhere. Lol no I just have an aversion to ignorant people. Tijuana, Mexico, is a city with numerous advantages. It took literally 3 minutes to cross. Struggling to find out if this option is actually viable! Ive been crossing ever since the so called restrictions started. How did your crossing go? . Thank you. Mexico will let you in. Did she gave to say why she was there? If that is so selfish , . Passengers over 18 years of age are allowed: 10 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco, three liters of liquor or beer, six liters of wine. Interested to know if youve found any additional info on this. No problems whatever. No problema amigo. Any problem at the boarder? Take a left there and then take your first right on Avenida Zuazua. I just went through Laredo on June 30 2021 and took Piedras Negras to Eagle Pass when I came back through on Aug 13 2021. Meaning, no tourists on ground crossings in either direction. They are doing nothing limiting people from driving into Mexico from the US. Are you surprised at the double standards both sides of the border? I want to take a bus from Tiajuana to Loreto, but I cant find any info on the B.C.S buses or even make a reservation. My husband and I will be driving to Mazatln area next week (crossing at Nogales). I am Mexican and I own a property in TX. Than you can have a California plate and a Mexico plate. Will I have any trouble entering Mexico, even though Im a Mexican national? Hi, I have advance parole ( combo card) with work permit, my spouse is us citizen we want to cross the border from San Diego to Tijuana, just for one day. Also, did anyone got TN Visa at San Francisco or LAX airport? On returning to canada 15 mins later they were informed they were required to do 14 days quarentine!!!. Even the Canadian Embassy her does not say anything, not that I can find. I have been researching and found that People coming to the US to work are allowed, but then there is a parenthesis and it says something like: eg people working in agriculture, so not sure if it is purely an example, or if they are trying to limit it just to certain jobs. My daughter and her friends are planning a trip to Ensada for the 4 th of July for vacation will they have any problems ,are there restrictions in place ? That doesnt mean it couldnt go back up at anytime. Just realized you date has passed. Some doctors are seeing only urgent cases. They are not providing written notice either. Lol. Hi Ruth , how did you get on with this plan was it success ? Anyone know? Can I citizen of the U.S. cross to Mexico? Im planning travel to Mexico mid-February. You will have zero problem returning and no one will ask to see your documents. Hola Gerardo, me preguntaba qu terminaste haciendo? She moved when she was 14 after her mother died. Would love to hear more comments on Americans driving to Mexico and any hassles for non-essential travel along the way. Should I get COVID tested before I go and before I come back? Turn in car, walk across border. Is it possible for me to drive my campervan, which I own, into Mexico to continue my holiday before my visa runs out (6 months)? I was not asked any questions by the Mexican Customs people about essential travel. I think you should be able to get a passport card through your local courthouse?? Headimg to Cabo in a week, via Tijuana/CBX. USA. I own a Mexican vehicle and have had it here for about 11 months. Your a damn idiot, my life not your choitto give me the virus. were currently living in Mexico City but planning to go back home to TX for the holidays, TIA! Yolanda, for the last five years, is the law that in order to travel anywhere outside the United States, you must have a valid passport. Citizens of India are banned from entering USA due to the pandemic raging out there. As I will have one roller luggage I will probably appear as though crossing for non-essential reasons which is currently restricted. Can I get a car permit in Mexico due to covid? Is it safe ???? I have an appartment and job in L.A so the situation is stressful, I need to return. Here they just do a cursory look in your vehicle. And yes, the purpose is tourism. Air might be harder. However, the department only works from 8am-8pm. The MAIN (DOWNTOWN) Mexicali crossing will still remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I arrived here in Mexicali Mexico in 2007 from the UK to work, I have my permanent residence card, and current UK passport. They only checked our temperature and that was it. #101-102 San Diego, CA 92111 800-727-BAJA (2252) I had refused to pay and was turned back to the US. Hi there thanks for this information. Will my wife be allowed to cross the US border with me? The US/Mexico border is still closed until at least September 20th and that may be extended depending on Covid infection rates. Also heard about returning on certain days due to how your car license plate ends? I go there once a month for the same purpose too. I am a US citizen that lives in San Diego, and my best friend is Mexican, and lives in Tijuana. Therefore it is up to Mexico to restrict who can enter their country and they have chosen not to. I feel sorry for you. Highway 5 is paved all the way through to the junction with Highway 1. He has his birth certificate and social security card. Tourist visa expires in March, And do either of us need a tourist permit just to go to the dentist? How is the driving into Laredo? Thanks. Tijuana, despite the fact that the Cartel is no longer active, continues to have a vibrant city with a plethora of entertainment options. The US-Mexico land border is the worlds busiest land crossing., Yes, you can fly to Mexico, Cancun and la Riviera Maya is open for turist. I was there yesterday buying me some tacos before 3:00 I was home already. The USA & Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. You went to Mexico on 16 May 2021? She IS essential to me!!! She has a tourist visa only and is a Mexican citizen, but needs to come back. It is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California, and is just south of the U.S. state of California. It may take longer to cross but you should be ok. John Oi Gessica, deu certo para voce? It's 25 miles from Yuma to the border. Did you get a response for this? Yet if I take a plane Houston lets say, I shouldnt have a problem? Why would he/she need everything from the USA if theyre traveling to Mexico, are a Mexican citizen and have their car registered in Mexico? You pay $400 and when you return you stop in that office and they will give you $400 back. PTL! You dont need to show a vaccine card nor have a negative Covid test. WebMEXICALI, B.C. Illinois has some the strictest restrictions for Covid-19 of all the states. If it is red you will be directed to a secondary inspection. Up to 7 days, there is no charge. But if they dont you might be able to enter the US by land. Nick, please let me know what you find out. I want to go to Cedros Island (Isla de Cedros) this summer. Go that way. Good news relatively cheap. Hello, Does anybody know if we are allowed to use CBX to enter the US? Also there are lower, much lower Covid cases in border cities in Mexico than their sister cities in USA. I drove my Mexican plated vehicle to Canada the end of September 2020 entering the USA at Loredo Texas then entering Canada and fulfilled my 14 day quarantine and now need to drive back to Mexico the first week of November 2020. Before or after you arrive in Mexico? I thought of spending 14 day in Cancun before flying back to the US. Hello! We also got a green light. Hello! Here you play a game of red light/green light. Do you drive into Tijuana or take the trolly out of San Diego. My sister wants to go on vacation with us to Rosarito. ) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. Will my husband who has a European passport be able to get back into the US via border control? I have one for my small event planning business. Penalties can be very expensive in Mexico and always a chance Mexican Authorities will DETAIN persons and even SEIZE an expired Passport. All talk is about flying home. If the occupants of the car do not have I.D. I live here, have for several years. And that message in process never changed. United States, P O Box 632 You sound more like a dumb racist. Without this I would not even attempt. Best option: Go to mexico using a airlinecars are allowed to mexican citizen,,or dual citizenship..just go. Are you sure we can cross San Diego border to Mexico and back to the US? Your u.s. insurance isnt good in Mexico. No charge for people taking flights under 7 days. also all the other times I went all we took was our drivers license and birth certificate and never had a problem.

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