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I heard him say something like Didnt I just see you somewhere? or Where did I last see you? Adolfo soon made friends with a new cartel - the Hernandez brothers, who believed that with the help of Adolfo they were invisible to their enemies and saw a profitable opportunity, making Adolfo Constanzo a wealthy, powerful and well-respected man.

In addition to the driver, Elio Henandez Rivera, several other men at the ranch were arrested, including Serafn Hernandez and an elderly caretaker. Following a 45-minute gun battle, Constanzo orderedde LeonValdezto shoot him and his lover Martin Quintana Rodriguez, rather than let them be captured alive. matamoros killings photos. Former Brownsville, TX, deputy sheriff George Gavito recounts the 23 grisly "palo mayombe" human-sacrifice torture-sex killings perpetrated by the gang led by Adolfo Constanzo in Matamoros, Mexico which ended in April, 1989 and are basis for the Zev Berman feature film Borderland (2007). In two of the photos that were reportedly taken this week, three dismembered bodies were left behind in a box and in an ice chest with cardboard that the reported cartel hitmen used to write a message on. Adherents seek favor with different representational deities and make offerings to them, including food, with ritualistically slaughtered chickens being the most common, according to theBBC. A total of 14 cult members were charged with a range of crimes, from murder and drug-running to obstructing the course of justice. "She's got a delicious looking midrif." His parents distributed 20,000 leaflets across the Rio Grande valley and offered a $15,000 reward, while state officials on both sides of the border ramped up their search with utterly macabre results. So they went to a local anthropologist who specialized in Santera and Palo Mayombe.


He was taken back to the ranch, possibly tortured and sodomized, then slain by Costanzo with a machete chop to the back of his head, according to New York's Daily News. Constanzo was baptized Catholic and served as an altar boy, but also accompanied his mother on trips to Haiti to learn about Vodou. From April 22 to26,Oxygen takes viewers inside some of the most terrifying cults in history. 100% agree on ur comment can someone give this comment a HELL YEEEEAH!!! 9:35AM, don't some of these guys have a little munch on the corpses after a hard day whacking their enemies, comegente and all that, anyhow "she *had* a delicious looking midriff" isn't that a better way of putting it? David Serna Valdez

Kids need to leave this crap alone, and if Mexican people wanted to rid themselves of this shit, or at least cut if way down, they should do what Indonesia is doing to those caught drug trafficking, execute them and don't play games, like they do in the US. also sinembargo picked it up today and gave us a nod, daily beast mentioned us in their article as well. The line outside wasnt too bad, says Huddleston, but it was pretty crowded. The boys drank and danced until about 2:30 a.m., then headed back to their hotel. Your email address will not be published. If the imbecile comment does not make clear that SHE made a mistakeThere would be no confession, I mean confusion.--now go attack other members of the axis of evil Hey every cartel member should get a tatoo so when ever they get dismembered it won't be so hard for there family to identify them lol.. That's what they get when there in cartels what do they expect. A que mi flaca! Mugrozzzozzz y Golfas par de secusecuestradores, abusivos, mal pagados y corrientes! And his spine had been cut open and threaded with wire, just as Serafn had said. ''He said everything, everything was lost.. arrest.

Delia remarried and his new stepfather was involved in both the religion and drug dealing.

Elio Hernndez

Sacrificed On Spring Break: The Satanic Drug Cult Murder Of Mark Kilroy To honor their dark deities, the cult butchered countless cats, dogs, chickens, snakes, goats, and even zebras and a lion club, before moving on to slaughtering rival outlaws and, eventually, Mark Kilroy. He also took up with a young woman named Sara Aldrete, who became the high priestess of the cult.

Along the way the friends stopped at a hamburger joint and hooked up with a foursome of Kansas coeds who were looking for directions to Matamoros.

Under hypnosis, Moore told police that he had last seen Kilroy talking to a young Hispanic man with a cut on his face. On Sunday, March 26th, Mark Kilroys case was featured on the television crime program Americas Most Wanted. You do not set the conditions at the recruiting depot, she enjoyed the perks like the tv every day she had it, but millionaires would not understand any of it--The fact is poor people keep putting the dead, be it criminals, police or ayotzinapos, never the higher ups--those that get to be millionaire capos, they are not safe either, ask the guadalajara cartel, osiel, el guero palmas, the carrillos, the AFO's, "los setas", the zambadas, el chapo, Kiki plancarte, etc etc etc..they just get fat, then sent packing to watch plasma TV in prison, if at allwithout millions Look at the room in the background worked as a sicaria and could not even afford a flat screen tv. I don't know about having her 'pregnant and in the kitchen' and all that; but, a good bet might be that the last few moments of her life she kept thinking, "Que chingados estoy haciendo aqui? A foul, rotten stench emanated from the small structure. The source indicated that the yet unidentified man was dumped behind a hotel in the outskirts of Matamoros. There was, however, one agency that was willing to work with Gravito: the Mexican federal police specifically, their drug enforcement arm under Commandant Juan Bentez Ayala. Why did El Padrino want them to kidnap Kilroy? Constanzos mother believed her son to be a chosen one and performed rituals dedicating him to various gods or spirits and invoking their protection. Lessons from History is a platform for writers who share ideas and inspirational stories from world history. They were killed because they worked for a rival As part of that effort, Ayala and some of his officers had set up a roadblock near Matamoros. "The metros are loyal to El Cos the ciclones are loyal to Osiel.

El Padrino Needs a human sacrifice: The Matamoros Cult Killings By Meghan Published May 14, 2021 By DeLani R. Bartlette In the early morning hours of March 11, 1989, college students Mark Kilroy, Bill Huddleston, Bradley Moore, and Brent Martin decided their night of partying was at an end. Mark Kilroy, a Texas college student who had crossed the Mexican border to party While these are most often sourced from animals, followers of PaloMayombehave been blamed for grave robberies, including the theft of bones and body parts at three South Florida cemeteries in 2018, according to theMiami Herald. Create your free profile and get access to exclusive content. In 1989, Texas was gripped by a "Satanic Panic," following a discovery of a mass grave in Matamoros, mexico. I just wish all the innocent people these scum bags could actually see them roasting in hell, if there is one (I hope so), it would be so beautiful to hear their screams as their skin boils off and knowing it will continue for eternity is the topping of the cake. Kilroys uncle was a special agent with the U.S. Customs Service and withindays his disappearance was reported byUPIand investigated by multiple law enforcement agencies from both countries. Photographs after the After parking in the border town of Brownsville, Texas, the group crossed into Matamoros on foot. The filthy shack went up in flames, and the nganga was dumped out and set aflame as well. Just like cult leader Jim Jones, who took his life and made his 900+ followers do the same, Adolfo Constanzo couldn't take responsibility for his actions. Delia moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, after her first husband died and remarried there.

In the parking lot of a Soriana in colonia Lauro Villar, Matamoros, a gruesome discovery was made inside an abandoned truck.,, List of serial killers by number of victims, "The Mexican Press and Civil Society, 19401976: Stories from the Newsroom, Stories from the Street", "Drugs, Death and the Occult Meet In Grisly Inquiry at Mexico Border", "The main page in Discovery Channel website, the official source to Most Evil series",,, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, The Godfather of Matamoros (El Padrino de Matamoros). The shack containing Kilroys brains was burned to the ground, while Aldrete and four other cult members received prison sentences between 30 and 60 years. Businessmen and cartel members paid him for palo mayombe sacrifices, which supposedly protected them from spirits and nurtured their careers. a goat's head and a horseshoe. Thats when they found Kilroy. ''He grabbed a bundle of money and threw it and began shooting out the window,'' cult member Alvaro de Leon Valdez told authorities, according toThe New York Times.

Lolteddy bear..but I does look like something sinister.


Aldrete was apprehended as she tried to flee the apartment. When local police arrived at his apartment building on May 6, 1989, they were responding to a call about another disturbance. The following night, after dropping in at a party thrown by some of Kilroys fraternity brothers, he and his friends decided to pay a second visit to Matamoros. For more shocking true stories of Deadly Cults, tune inSunday, April 26 at 7/6cfor the season premiere onOxygen.
YouTubeBy the time a reward was offered, Mark Kilroy had already been butchered. I can't help but to think that this chick was someone's little girl, at one time. On July 13, 2013, the Investigation Discovery Channel profiled this crime in its Poisoned Passions series. Mark was hanging around with a girl who got third place in the tanning contest, says Huddleston. Pobre victima. When the authorities learned about the ranch, Adolfo fled to Mexico City with four of his followers. Multiple graves which held the bodies of ritually sacrificed murder victims at a cult in Matamoros, Mexico. ''This never would a happened to her had she stayed in the kitchen''Nicca is you crazy? So they went back into Matamoros to look for their friend, to no avail. He convinced several high-level drug kingpins that he could cast spells to make them invisible to law enforcement and that his clairvoyance could tell them which days to move their product safely. [7], The Discovery Channel series Most Evil, by Dr. Michael Stone, profiled Constanzo in the 10th episode ("Cult Leaders") of the second season. I've seen hitmen get scared and take off alone in battles. Enrique pea nieto refused to approve laws the would protect women and prosecute those abusing them, his state has a high ranking in crimes against women, AND What women receive more often instead of rights is the machetazos, they do not need to be flaca, wera loka or LA PELIRROJA SHE WAS PRETTY 11.15''What women receive more often instead of rights is the machetazo''I will definitely give your post a thumbs up''prosecution for spineless little men who assault women''in Mexico.The whole world,we don't need little scrubs who hit women..No doubts. She looks like alfalfa from spankys our some of you Feos are lonely AND hard up..and micropenis? For Mark Kilroy and his friends, the nightmare began as a spring-break blowout. Constanzo, a drug dealer, serial killer and con man. Sara Aldrete and Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo.

Their high priest and his closest confidants, however, evaded capture for another month. Hey, I'm going to kill you !! they love to work over rivals with clubs. She leaves behind two young children. Read reviews Matamoros .


Nothing funny about it mr chiflado.Apparently the butcherings still continue but without the videos. Good this bitch thought she was the shit now shes in pieces. Before long, his cult decided that the spirits of the dead that resided in the nganga would be stronger (providing the cult more powerful protection) with live human sacrifices instead of old bones. That's not her it was la wuera loca who was dismembered by los zetas in a video. especially her face on the left side and eyes gouged out. Increasingly, the membersof the Hernandez gang fell under Constanzos sway. (Bettmann/Corbis). All fur 4 pesos anda five finger discount.
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A caretaker on the property said he recognized Kilroy from a photograph police showed him. When he was 21 years old, his mother performed the final initiation on him, presenting him with anganga, an iron cauldron central to Palo Mayombe rituals. It was only after lopping off his hooded victims head with a machete that he realized he had killed one of his own nephews, according to Texas Monthly. One police officer was wounded. By April 13, Elio and Serafin Hernandez and two other gang members had been arrested and confessed to multiple murders, according toThe New York Times. She was known by all the other students as friendly, outgoing, and deeply involved in extracurricular activities. The series of photos were sent to Breitbart Texas by the citizen journalist group Matamoros Zona De Peligro (MZP) and were also published by Blog del Narco. @ 04/18/15 at 13:51 :yesI must admit; I'm no exception when speaking about how one can almost never have enough in the holster :-(, but one doesn't need much to have fun, anyway You think I might be too small for you? The Reynosa faction killed this girl in retaliation for the ass kicking that lost metros gave them here recently. She Used the Bathroom And Became a Target of the Culture War, Here's How LaRussell and Intuit are Helping Independent Artists Understand How to Achieve Their Financial Ambitions, Alex Murdaugh Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder of Wife and Son, Alex Murdaugh Found Guilty of Murdering Wife and Son, Tennessee Enacts Nations First Law Restricting Drag Shows, The National Stay Up Late to Perform 'Tropic Morning News' on Fallon, David Lindley, Multi-Instrumentalist Who Shaped the Sound of Soft Rock, Dead at 78, Suki Waterhouse Won't Take Romance for Granted on New Single 'To Love', Travis Barker Says His Finger Ligament Surgery Was a 'Success' After Postponing Blink-182 Tour. missing college student Mark Kilroy. 1 photo Storyline Former Brownsville, TX, deputy sheriff George Gavito recounts the 23 grisly "palo mayombe" human-sacrifice torture-sex killings perpetrated by the gang led by Adolfo Constanzo in Matamoros, Mexico which ended in April, 1989 and are basis for the Zev Berman feature film Borderland (2007). There Mark left the group to talk to a woman that he knew. including the body of missing college student Mark Kilroy. When they parked, Kilroy actually escaped. Propaganda says they get paid X amount in pesos every month, and "steaks"Why all of them maruchaneros only eat maruchan?Clearly propaganda is one thing, reality another ETERNAL HELL FOR WHAT? The next evening began similarly, but ended on an ominous note. Follow Ildefonso Ortiz onTwitterand onFacebook. You play you pay. As a grown-up, he decided to move to Mexico City, where he met the future priestess Sara Aldrete, who was known among her peers as a good student who studied physical education, preparing herself for university until the day she was initiated into Adolfo's cult which involved expensive blood sacrifices of chickens, goats, snakes, zebras and even lion cubs. look at all the bruises especially with the thick girl. not bad One person found this helpful Search Sort by Top reviews Filter by All reviewers All stars Text, image, video 25 total ratings, 15 with reviews From the United States Alfredo Torres The Roots of Evil Students were often reported missing in Matamoros, only to turn up the next day with a ferocious hangover and no memory of the night before. Initially, the cult's godmother Sara was convicted of conspiracy and jailed for six years. The officers conducted a search of the property and found hundreds of pounds of marijuana. Beer gets recycled all the time, what do you think TECATE is?Tecate addicts are the worst beer drinkers in the whole world She thinks she is a bad ass working for the cartel. The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time You're standing in a butcher shop shocked by the how butchers make the baloney (or their exchanging recopies for it )?That is just a photograph of a pretty girl that used to beand I'm especially sorry that pretty girls turn themselves into serials and then become victims of them (the ugly ones are just a waste of my time; ja, ja). A few days later the Kilroys returned to their home in Santa Fe but vowed not to give up their search. By the time a reward was offered, Mark Kilroy had already been butchered. it is what it is you live by the sword you die by the sword same shit that has been going on for 100's of years all around the world. Mark James Kilroy of Santa Fe, Texas would fit most peoples idea of the all-American male. [5] Police quickly discovered the cult and that Constanzo had been responsible for Kilroy's death; he sought a "good"/superior brain for one of his ritual spells. In what way, Cuando les tocaba empinarse, se rajaron--That has always the reason for war, when it is their turn, the hunted always run away because it hurts like hellsays el mil mascaras. "Ciclones operating in Matamoros. Buried among 14 others in a ranch outside Matamoros, he had been raped and dismembered by a group of Satanic drug-traffickers. The Kilroys also met with representatives of several key Texas officials, including Attorney General Jim Mattox, Governor William Clements and Senator Lloyd Bentsen. But it soon became clear that Marks case was different. His mother was a Cuban immigrant andboth she and Adolfos grandmother were Santeras, priestesses in the Santeria religion, according to a feature inRolling Stonemagazine. Although police had the Hernandez brothers and a few other accomplices in custody, Constanzo was in the wind. Openly bisexual, Constanzo had multiple male and female lovers who he began recruiting into his cult. By Lucio 4/14/2015 10:04:00 PM. It's a shame they ruined a good cool box, when a black trash bag would have done the job. The nganga is believed to hold the essence of the spirits, and the priest must sacrifice the appropriate items to the nganga to receive various blessings. Juan Armando Ponce, one of the capital police officers assigned to the case, noticed similarities between the Matamoros murders and another killing he had investigated in Mexico City in 1987. Three other men - Martin Quintana, Jorge Montes and Omar Orea, were introduced to the profitable business of casting spells to bring good luck for rich drug dealers and hitmen. Not even a mom yet, proaly. As the manhunt for Constanzo saw police close in, he had one of his followers shoot him before he could be arrested. You mean die, then get filleted with fish knives Lol. In another of the photos, the dismembered body of a man is shown with various body parts thrown on the ground. . He said, Lets all die. But I didnt want to die, she told authorities, according to the Los Angeles Times. of three persons were found in coolers, one identified as Joselyn Alejandra Nio, a sicaria operating in It was a video of her and some guys fileting the skin, then wearing it as a mask, and kicking around the guys head.. could be wuera.. what ever happend to her? A staff writer for All Thats Interesting, Marco Margaritoff has also published work at outlets including People, VICE, and Complex, covering everything from film to finance to technology. Not likely. Constanzo was portrayed by actor Aldo Uribe. Theyre aint nothing hot about this chick..she looked like a boy. Under pressure from Texan politicians, Mexican police initially picked up four of Constanzo's followers, including two of the Hernandez brothers.   By now you would think people would realize you can't yell over the keyboard, We can't hear you yelling!! George Pickow/Three Lions/Getty Images. Editors picks No le hagas dao. Sara Mara Aldrete Villareal was born in 1964 and grew up middle class in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, near the border with the United States. Constanzo stepped in, and using his charismatic powers, got the Hernandez brothers to believe in his twisted version of Palo Mayombe, convincing them that he could make them invisible to law enforcement and even bulletproof. He opened shop in Mexico Citys Zona Rosa, or pink district, known for being welcoming to gays like Constanzo. I think you forgot to turn your cap lock off! Copyright 2023 Penske Business Media, LLC. Hernandez once ordered his henchman to bring him the first male they could findfor sacrifice. No,there are many factions of CDG the big 2 being Metros and Ciclones..Metros jefe El Gafe. I know that man, he said. to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really

Yet the tall Mexican woman had been working with Constanzo for years, luring victims and recruiting new members.

Kilroy parked his car in the border town of Brownsville, with the group eager to meet girls and let loose as they crossed the bridge into Matamoros, Mexico. Copyright 2020 CVLT Nation. Its funny how the muertos de hambre zetas and cdg post whit guns in their pics and when they have to use them their balls drop lol one scum bag less Good, Women want equal rights, well they can get equal machetazos too. I mean if you gonna be risking your life like that shouldnt you make alot more than that and atleast be able to have yourself a plasma tv ? MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas - A Texas woman became the latest local murder victim after unknown individuals tortured her to death. This brought in police reinforcements. You can even see the little horns on top of it head. Adolfo named himself El Padrino de Matamoros - The Godfather of Matamoros and gave Sara the nickname La Madrina, Spanish for godmother. Ayala and his officers were working with American drug enforcement on one of the largest drug interdiction efforts the two agencies had ever executed. or possible candidate that will become a premier leader of all CDG cells in the near future? All of them had evidence of torture: decapitation, burning, castration, and in at least one victim, removal of his heart. Read reviews Matamoros, Tamaulipas . In the early morning hours of March 11, 1989, college students Mark Kilroy, Bill Huddleston, Bradley Moore, and Brent Martin decided their night of partying was at an end. thank you! Scary. The resulting killings soon totaled more than twenty victims, whose mutilated bodies were found in and around Mexico City.

Brownsville and Matamoros are just right next to each other, only a river divides the two cities. "Que triste morir por una causa podrida. When the group decided to leave and started walking toward the border, Mark wanted to visit a bathroom, but his friends decided to wait in the car just across the border.

The objective is to promote history on Medium and demonstrate the value of historical writing. Adolfo Constanzo, aka El Padrino, in 1986. ..or maybe the angel of death coming after her? On March 10, 1989, with their exams finished and spring break at hand, they got into Kilroys car and left for the Mexican border. Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it. As Breitbart Texas previously reported, the cartel war is being fought by members of Los Ciclones, which are based in the Mexican border city of Matamoros, and the Metros, who are based out of the border city of Reynosa. Most had been mutilated, some had been burned and one had had its heart removed. F or Mark Kilroy and his friends, the nightmare began as a spring-break blowout . Donald Wells, the U.S. consul in Matamoros, was contacted, and a description of Kilroy was circulated in jails and hospitals. The Matamoros Cult Murders | Ages of Murder [1989] Experiment 53 8.15K subscribers Subscribe 87 Save 4.8K views 4 years ago Notice Age-restricted video (based on Community Guidelines) Almost. Inside The Gruesome Murder Of Mark Kilroy At The Hands Of A Satanic Cult. [5] Officials said Kilroy was killed by Constanzo with a machete chop to the back of the neck when Kilroy tried to escape about 12 hours after being taken to the ranch.[6]. The drug dealers, in particular, interested Constanzo, as this was where the real money was.

Adolfo Constanzo was born in Miami, Florida, to Delia Aurora Gonzlez, a Cuban immigrant in 1962. Mexican police eventually tracked Constanzo, Aldrete,andseveral other cult members to an apartment building in Mexico City. As for what happened to Kilroy after that, the old man didnt know. Some MENSA member must have staged this scene to catch the dark, humorous irony of it all. 20. It was very hard for us to come back because we wanted Mark to be with us, Helen Kilroy told reporters. In the early morning hours of March 11, 1989, college students Mark Kilroy, Bill Huddleston, Bradley Moore, and Brent Martin decided their . When the cartel rejected his offer to become a business partner and the protector of their drug trafficking, seven family members disappeared. Hardcover. He ducked into a darkened, overgrown park, only 200 feet from the border. [2] Many of his clients were rich drug dealers and hitmen who enjoyed the violence of Constanzo's "magical" displays.

Check out never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! When the driver got out of the car, he seemed surprised that the officers were arresting him. 6:15 "they" warned, apparently you can't readSome of us like to see all the dirt, it is really needed to see how things really go in Mexico, grow up or leave Corrrect, she lost all respect once she picked up the gun 4.03My god there are some imbeciles on here?The mistake I was referring to was Joselyn for allowing her identity to be posted online where enemies can see it,,nothing at all to do with BB..I too believe in showing the truth.Try and be a bit more perceptive,if possible? Others referred to them as The Matamoros Cult, for the border town where their compound was located, or simply PaloMayombe, the name of the Afro-Cuban religion they warped to their own bloody ends.
From Rio Bravo with support from GAFE. But the marijuana was a major offense. Unfortunately for Costanzo and his followers, they could have hardly picked a worse victim.  

Jim Kilroy. global health 101 3rd edition houston tumlin girlfriend penn's peak deck parties renate hall bio heather yerrid married at first sight peach bellini strain viola concerto pdf jefferson county pa court records calabrese chicken wings bertucci ddo library search nitrome must die without flash. When police searched the shack, they found evidence that human sacrifice and mutilation had occurred there: a machete caked in blood and tissue; bottles and jars filled with a putrid mix of blood, hair, and other tissue; a 55-gallon drum apparently used to boil victims flesh off their bones. Garcia confessed that it was our religion and that the gang had lured Kilroy from the strip and raped him. I love it when you get to see a high ranking member get taken out because they really go to work on them, it's a thing of beauty. So voiced the mother of slain victim Mark Kilroy, found murdered in Matamoros, Mexico in April of 1989.

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