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The new Rosso 4 has stiff competition from the likes of the Bridgestone S22, Michelin Power RS, and the Metzeler M9RR. As expected, Michelin tires do not disappoint. The speed of warm up, allows you to confidently enjoy your first corner. metzeler m9rr vs michelin road 5 Dropping the word Pilot from the name but the Road 5 is the evolution of Michelin's most popular road tyre. Fancy a more touring tyre? metzeler m9rr vs diablo rosso 3 Yep, The Rosso 3 replaced the Rosso 2, it improved over the previous model with a sexier tread pattern which created a larger footprint at mid lean and a new bi compound. On track, however, the Bridgestone was the clear favourite with a score of 95/100 which put it right at the top of the pile, even beating the arguably more track oriented Dunlop and . Tyre Reviews Dry Grip 93% Wet Grip 77% Road Feedback 91% Handling 91% If you're unsure of which one you want to try first just pick the one you like the look of the most. New Suzuki V-Strom 800DE + Cat MacLeod of Leod Escapes, Metzeler Sportec M9 RR Tire Review: Tested at Ascari, 2020 Atlanta Fantasy Supercross Picks: Tomac, Roczen, Barcia, and more, 2020 Atlanta Supercross Results and Coverage: Roczen Dominates, 2023 Daytona Supercross Fantasy Tips and Picks [8 Fast Facts], 2023 Honda CRF300LS First Look [7 Fast Facts + 15 Photos], 2023 Husqvarna Norden 901 Expedition First Look [12 Fast Facts], Triumph Speed Twin 900 + Mark The Biker Illuminati, 20 percent less end-count (less stiff at the end of chords that run vertically down the sidewalls). A soft compound on the edges provides more grip, and this is supported by a harder central band helping to stabilise temperature, and giving longer tyre life. Metzeler's Sportec M9 RR tire is built for a wide array of sportbike tasks. Maximum performance throughout the entire tyre lifespan: Perfected thermal balance. Whether youre looking for tires for the open road, like our contender, the Power 5, or the racetrack, such as the Power Slick 2 or Power GP tires, these products are among the best in performance. I'll probably put road 5s on mine as long as I own the bike. Motorcycle Tyre Warehouse is Australia's #1 CHEAPEST & Largest Online Motorcycle Tyre Warehouse with the best motorcycle tyre range and the cheapest pair deals. I wouldnt hesitate to use these tires on a personal track day. metzeler m9rr vs michelin power 5 A direct replacement for the Power RS, the Power 5 is designed for fast road riding. What I liked the most about the M7 RR tires was their neutral steering, and the M9 RRs had that in spades. 1965 Triumph Bonneville, 1968 Honda Cl350, 1972 Yamaha XS650, 1982 Yamaha XS650, 1999 Triumph Legend TT, 2004 Kawasaki Z750S, 2008 Yamaha FZ1, 2008.5 Yamaha FZ1, 2015 Yamaha FZ-09. From commuting to the weekend canyon run, or even the odd trackday here or there, the Sportec M9 can handle it. Thanks. How about the Metzeler Roadtec? Available in GT spec for heavy tourers and Trail for Adventure bike wheel sizes. Info, results of tests with UZ600, owners reviews. Full silica compounds have previously been used because of their quick warm-up and chemical grip when the weather turns wet. Content on is generated by its users. So, with the exception of a couple of sizes slated for Q3 2020, wed expect them in time for the beginning of the riding season. This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. Not a lot of data online for the Road 5s yet. So have a listen to Cat Macleod, and go book yourself the trip of a lifetime. If Metzelers claims of increased longevity prove to be true, the German manufacturer has created a worthy replacement for the popular M7 RR, which is no easy task. Naturally, much of that comes in the slick section at the shoulder. The remaining section of the tread is essentially a slick tire all the way to its shoulder, promoting cornering grip when cranked over on dry pavement. We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. CONTINENTAL SportAttack 4, DUNLOP Sportsmart TT, METZELER Sportec M9RR and PIRELLI Diablo Corsa II, with front dimensions 120/70ZR17 an rear dimensions 190/55ZR17 on the Yamaha YZF-R1. As opposed to the Michelin Road-5's, the Dunlop's wore evenly between the front and rear. I have never ever been this wet whilst on a motorcycle, but the grip and feel that came from the M9RR allowed me to press on at normal pace, without any issues. Thund3rMuffn 2 yr. ago The R1 goes through a rear in around 2500 miles, so that extra 10% is very welcome. Its distinctive Sipes technology helps make this a brilliant tyre in the wet while its fast warm up and edge grip are what makes it a firm favourite. The only direct comparison to the Roadtec 01s is on the track in the wet - Road 5s were slightly faster. Wet surfaces are a doddle, and to cap it all off; the tyres still look in great shape after a tortuous wet ride. Even with the dual-compound construction, the rear tires use of dual compounds is different from the fronts. Well loved by trackdayers and professional racers, they even hold an Isle of Man TT record. Typically seen on: The M9RR works on a huge range of bikes. The few square inches that contact the road at any given time have to provide cornering grip in a variety of temperatures, channel away water when it rains, and do so without compromising the steering characteristics of the bike they are mounted on. Then replace them when they get worn out. Subscribe for email notifications when we post a new article! Full silica prevents overheating and preserves tyre integrity, for the maximum performance throughout the entire lifespan. Gone are the days where higher mileage tires both wore and gripped like stone or provided exceptional traction with shockingly low mileage. Metzeler says 10% better tyre life than the previous M7RR tyre which from all accounts were durable. It also comes fitted with Water EverGrip technology for more enhanced wet traction. From the home screen of the phone, touch "Apps". Discounts are auto-applied at the checkout. I've been using S22 on ninja400 for a while ,so far so good.Guess I would go for the Power5 this timefor a try to see if there's any slight difference between them.It's weird since ppl of the S1000RR forum in UK all recommend M9RR. But it's the cornering speed in the dry compared to its predecessor where the impression is made; a 15% increase is . Then there is the price; a pair can be had in 1000cc sized 120/190 combo for circa 240 and a tenner cheaper for a 120/180 combo. It is the ratio of the sidewall height to the cross section width. Time to see what tire is the best. well it isn't as straight forward as you think.This isn't a sponsored video so all views are my own. From elbow down at the apex of a track, to wet and slippery winter roads. The grooving retains the distinctive Pi design of the M7 RR. The interior of the M9 RR receives its own updates. Trying to decide between these two. With grooving that looks like the love child of the Racetec RR and the Sportec M7 RR, the Metzeler Sportec M9 RR offers the holy grail of both increased wet and dry grip compared to the M7 RR. Is this the best value motorcycle modification? Test conducted . Im not even the hardest of riders, I look after the tyres quite well. With all three bikes, the M9 RRs remain neutral steering, allowing quick, predictable turn-in. A slightly cheaper option: The Sportec M7RR is a cracking tyre and that bit cheaper now that the M9RR is on the scene. is an independent Yamaha enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. This was no fault of the tire.) many thanks ,Chris. Its an all-weather sports street tire that has near-perfect traction and handling, which are key factors to consider when choosing high-performance tires. Its distinctive Sipes technology helps make this a brilliant tyre in the . Content on is generated by its users. Trackday at Castle Combe, nailed it , good warmup, good grip,and spot on service from Two Tyres. The upright balance, noise and comfort was ideal though not largely better or worse than Ive experienced before. It takes over from the S21 and offers superb outright grip, fast warm up and good wet weather performance. Huge range of sizes, even available for the big adventure bikes on the market. Michelin Crossclimate 2 vs Premier A/S A Brief Comparison, BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT vs Michelin Defender. You wont be disappointed. The difference is now a little more noticeable the Road 5 is better in this area than the Power 5. The road temp makes a bigger difference too. We rely on our delivery partners and enjoy a very high success rate on deliveries. Later in 2020 Metzeler will release options for bikes with 19 front and 17 rears, satisfying KTM, BMW and Suzuki owners. Previously I have always had a more trackday focused tyre, with less tread, for the R1. These new tires wear slower on the center section than the PR4 as well, meaning longer life and better value for the money than ever. I say: fair enough, we probably are. I'm 100% sure the OE fitment will rise as new 2022 models are released, particularly at Ducati. I could sample them endlessly. All get the job done. Two up tour of Devon/Cornwall, spot on wet or dry. Who is it aimed at: A real jack of all trades sports tyre. Very different to Italy. Would defo purchase these again from TwoTyres- and thanks for the great advice! Copyright 2023 - PPMC-Transport. The Pilot name is typically given in the Road series of Michelins catalog, such as the Pilot Road 4 or Pilot Road 4 GT. Meet. This gave Gary and John the idea, of getting bikers together, and showing them the best roads they know, combining that with tours to the best local attractions, eating the best local food,, British roads are terrible, ok correction, the British road surface are terrible. Superseding the Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso 4 is one of the best tires in the motorcycle market, on par with, if not better, than the Michelin Road 5 and the Bridgestone S22. Find out more. Llantas para Motos. Not for any reason I particular other than it being OEM fitment, but trying some more road-focused rubber has revolutionised my riding. They're sport-touring tires. Both tires cost practically the same. For me, the issues lie with the state of the tarmac and it seems to be getting worse every, Pirelli celebrates its 150th birthday, and as part, they are releasing a new line of one of their best selling and performing tyre groups; the Diablo Rosso. Have you looked at the 2023 Suzuki Hayabusa yet? Regardless, Metzeler claims that the shoulder compound is derived from rain racing. When the M9 RRs reached their limit, they let the rider know without drama. Ive also heard good things about the M9RR vs S22 Bridgestone, which is more road-based than the RS10/RS11, but have only tried them out on the ZX6R which I only had for a short period of time. If you like cruising through the countrys open roads, go for Road 5. Metzeler also produces the M9RR in 19 front wheel sizes, meaning that you can run them on your Adventure bike. Thank you. This update is the result of Metzelers Compound Continuous Mixing, which blends the resins used with the silica so thoroughly that the final mixture is stable enough to withstand a significantly wider range of heat. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. I genuinely think these could be my new go-to tyre as it balances great everything. Set Llanta Premium 110/70-17 140/70-17 Sportec Metzeler M9rr. Maybe it's a case of getting what ya pay for, because they do cost more. Compared to the RS10s I ran previously they take less warming up than the RS10, and give good grip straight from the off. metzeler m7rr vs m9rr Introduced in 2015 as a replacement for the popular Sportec M5, the M7RR is a truly do-it-all sports tyre for riders who use their bikes in all conditions. Thank you all for suggestions! Wonderful M9RRs have been proven to work on a wide variety of bikes and in all conditions. In this video I have explained theses settings and tricks like, Consider carefully the added cost of advice, Use past performance only to determine consistency and risk, It's futile to predict the economy and interest rates, You have plenty of time to identify and recognize exceptional companies, Good management is very important - buy good businesses, Be flexible and humble, and learn from mistakes, Before you make a purchase, you should be able to explain why you are buying. The RR range comprises of road-legal fast road rubber right up to track-only slicks. The only direct comparison to the Roadtec 01s is on the track in the wet - Road 5s were slightly faster. For instance, the Power 5 mileage is practically the same as the Power 3 mileage, lasting at about over 4,000 miles, according to user feedback on a motorcycle forum. Width in millimetres of the tyres cross section. Writing about the Michelin Road 5 given 90% (190-70-17-) Driving on mostly country roads for 4000 spirited miles. Everything 100%. Apologies, this item is currently out of stock. This app only changes the carrier name wich is taken from your sim card. To be honest, the Power 5s mileage was a bit disappointing. If you're not sure of the product you need, give us a call on 0207 205 2205. Read more: Reasons why michelin tires so expensive. Thats about it for these two tires. When the tires limits were reached under acceleration, it telegraphed that it was leaving its comfort zone. 2023 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. In total the rear had done 3077 miles, and the front slightly less. New Diablo Rosso 4 Corsa motorcycle tyre! Step 2 Look at the down part of the screen, on the right side of the interface. That said, we have to say that we prefer the Road 5 more. Cat is a great story-teller and he doesnt hold back. 1 llanta (100) . Since its introduction in 2015, the Sportec M7 RR tire has been a popular seller for Metzeler and continues to sell well to this day. I think the stock tires would be ok for mild street riding. This gives plenty of feeling, excellent ride quality, and best of all, wear is looking even and as expected. Metzeler M9RR Touring or Commuting tyres Bridgestone T32 Continental Road Attack 3 Michelin Pilot Road 5 Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE Even though some tyre manufacturers make heavyweight tyres (called things like GT and HWM) the RS doesn't need these tyre versions. The change to the XR is particularly impressive with a light, easy turn-in that belies its tall stance and high center of gravity. I'd definitely buy again. Nell'altro topic dicevi che con le roadtech 01 avevi fatto 5,5k km, con le m9rr o equivalenti quanti ne fai? First, toggle on the Enabled switch and tap Add Widget. After two sets of Metzeler Roadtecs and three sets of Michelin Pilot Road 4s, Penning spooned on a set . The new 2020 Metzeler M9RR takes the success from the M7RR and improves even more. The roads are rubbish, but its still fun..right? You can expect to get between 4,000 and 6,000 miles from a pair of M9RRs, depening on how, what and where you ride. We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. Of course I'm comparing them to stock tires with 3500 miles on them so anything would be amazing. a day riding on the track in the rain at Almeria, 2023 Indian Sport Chief Review First Ride, Church Of MO: 2009 Victory Vegas 8-Ball Review, 2024 Triumph Street Triple 765 R/RS Review First Ride, 2023 Husqvarna Norden 901 Expedition First Look. As weve seen, the Road 5 was the better tire. The directional centre grooves deliver stability when upright. Riding in England is a great test of real-world road riding, which so far has been immensely promising. I would think it would be better to ride the bike on the tires that came with the bike (assuming they are still good and not worn out) if there are no major issues with the tires. So go on, share your opinion of your current tyres, help other bikers choose their next pair of tyres and you could win a neck tube. Great street/novice group rider tire. Ive been using the M9RR for a year now, and the milage has been good. I had precise control of where I went in a corner, with no tendency to fall into the corner at the entry or stand up should I apply the brakes mid-bend. The Power 5 had a decent mileage of about 3,500 to 5,000 miles, while the Road 5 has been reported to last for 4,000 to a whopping 12,000 miles. Im particularly looking forward to seeing how the M9RR compares with the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso4 when it launches in 2021. Is the Pirelli Diablo Rosso 4 a good motorcycle tire? The grooving, however, all but disappears after the tire is leaned over 30, which is the lean angle that Metzeler feels is about as far as riders will go in the wet. Worth over 10! The chilly morning temperatures in the low 50s F were an ideal proving ground for the M9 RRs to show how quickly they come up to a usable temperature. Weekly Stats: Rides: 2 Time trial (12km long) Negative Split and Zone 2 recovery (8km)Runs: 2 (Couch to 5k week 2, run 1 and week 1 run 3)Other activities: Indoor Bouldering & Rock Climbing Im not the fastest out there, and I know it, but theres time. We use Evri for our non-tyre orders. The stock tires are ok for stock, but they're not really that advanced. I put power RS and although it is stable and hooks good ,I hate them for a reason .They feel HARD.Itried lower pressures but nothing.It must be on their new tecnology ACT+ that wraps around the edges of the tire to make them better at leaning . Capable of embarassing slick shod riders on a trackday or commuting into the office on a wet Wednesday morning this really is a cracking tyre. If Michelinpress releases are to be believed, the Road5should have at least equivalent mileage to the PR4s. Uncategorized ; June 21, 2022 metzeler m9rr vs michelin road 5 . Web. Hi there and welcome! The tyre is wearing evenly across the surface, despite some heavy use. Like the Power 5, the Road 5 also has Adaptive Casing Technology along with its specialized tire compounds, the 2CT at the front and the 2CT+ for the rear. When Metzler told me about the 10% increase in mileage, this came as a godsend. When riding the 790 Duke, the steering is just as responsive as it arrived from the factory. Mid-lean grooves maximise the grip to deliver flawless feedback when cornering. metzeler m9rr vs racetec rr Metzelers Racetec RR is their denomination for their supersports and track-ready tyres.

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