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The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. That little twerp deserved it anyways. (As Lincoln was walking down the footpath, he saw Liam and his Dad playing basketball at the park), (Liam and his Dad hugged each other. And for reasons HE couldn't understand, he felt an instant bond with the girl. Lola (mad): But thats not fair. Luna (furious): Lincoln isnt in the mood right now and so am I. Lincoln: (to reader) Uh oh, when Dad's voice is that loud, NO ONE is safe. I went camping with him last week, and we had an awesome time. Rape is a, very heavy word. Lincoln: Ahh, there's nothing better than reading comic books on a beautiful day like this. But one sister in particular, had a worried face looking at her brother. (Based upon a movie) a girl named victoria moves to town with her family, eventually scream breaks into her house and kills her parents Did he rescue her? Lynn Sr. (mad): Lola, thats enough. She might be six, but her attitude even scare ghosts and ghouls away. The next day, Vanzilla pulled up at Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds, and the girls got out. A different twist to 'Brawl in the Family'. Clyde: I agree. ", "Tell me about it", Lincoln said, "I got attacked by some maniac forest people. Enjoy! 21 year old Lincoln is the only one that's in Royal Woods, Michigan with his friend Clyde but his family was around the world living big and not see how lincoln was doin Meet the only boy of the Loud Siblings, Lincoln Loud. Abusive Parents: The father of Lincoln's biological mother Lyla and her twin brother Logan was this, due to a combination of being The Alcoholic and their mother dying in childbirth. "Yes", Lynn Sr. said, "Bobby's at the house taking care of him. She has to deal with her abusive step-father and (later) runaway mother. "But what about the forest people", Lori asked. What do you do when your twin sister was just like you, but better in every way possible? After a few minuets, Luan came out holding Lily, who was wearing some animal hide as a diaper. Meanwhile, a small-town boy with a large family 3 stories go 3 different ways, but somehow these three stories are all connected. This is another NSL fanfic that shows a different take from the first NSL fanfic that I've made which is still ongoing. Loud in Amphibia (Book 1) by Dark-user12 1K 24 5 Lincoln Loud, a boy who was told he was back luck and it ended badly as he was kicked out by his family, hated and bullied by some of his classmates. Lincoln: Thank goodness this situation isn't too In-Tents! Lincoln Loud comforts one of his adoptive daughtersRated T for mentions of incest and single uses of fuck and shit. Lana went behind a bush to do her business, disgusting the others. He then opens his door all the way to see his mother looking worried. ", "Great", Lori said, "we have something for dinner.". The Secret Service agents find Lori, Lynn, Lola and Lana near the stairs. Lori: HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STAY OUT OF MY ROOM?!? I stared blankly at the single mirror in the room. It came in handy the last time I went camping. (Lincoln tries to reach for his bag, and pulls out two 'puma' masks). We're still going to that comedy show. (Sometime later, Lincoln was in the living room, when he could hear music playing from the garage. Losing Him is a The Loud House fanfic, originally written by TvFan2244.While the original version was discontinued and eventually deleted, a republished version was started on September 02, 2021 by Monsterzilla.. We had lots of fun, didn't we Lincoln? Lincoln: (notices their footprints) No we're not! He chooses to leave. I didnt quite catch that. But Ruby is not like most. After he was done, he put it away). Lincoln: Okay then, (turns to the other sisters) so then, what do you have to say? Twenty (or so) years ago in Scotland, Lincoln Loud made a terrible mistake with his oldest sister And then for the following twenty years, he continued making similar terrible mistakes with the rest of them. bajo esos trminos usar mallitas no suena tan mal. Don't make any sudden movements! "What", Lana said, "but it's only 4:30 in the afternoon.". That Luna. After accidentally causing a massive power outage while hiding in the small town, Sonic is found by Eggman. Luna decided to invite Lucy to come to her and Sam concert as a way for the two of them to bond with eachother and there dad. She then was walking towards where her and Luans room is, but she was holding a baseball bat in her hand. Just, please stop comparing me to my sisters. Luna with rage kicked Lori in the stomache, which made her fly towards the dressing room. Lincoln: I was wondering, did you wanna go camping this weekend? Lynn Sr: LINCOLN, WHERE IS YOUR SUIT, GET BACK OUTSIDE! Good to know. Loan is the incestuous daughter of Lori and Lincoln, she doesn't know it yet and believes that Bobby Jr. is her father, what will happen when she discovers her origins? ", "Ha", Lynn Sr. said, "I told you they existed!". Lynn Sr.: You see, when I was your age, my Dad was just like me. Really did the goth know thet this so called experince would turn into a life lesson. Danna was rushed to Cristal Grey is a teen trying to get through tough times because of her drunk abusive father,she feels as if there is no reason for living,what happens when a certain some one saves her and befriends her and leads her to a new love and life? ' , g . I gotta warn you though, this may take a while. Leni (angry): Like, I hope you are happy Lori. When a troubled transfer student comes in to Willie T. Ribbs Middle School, it seems like the struggles only continue to pile up during his time there. Now fourteen, she still has to brave the harsh and cruel ghetto nights in order to survive. Original Female Character (s) Alternate Universe - The Sin Kids (The Loud House) Loudcest (The Loud House) Alternate Universe - Harem. Lynn Sr.: Of course I am Lincoln. Lynn Sr.: Nah, it's not really my type of game son. Anyway, Here is my new fanfic: Loud Redemption. They heard her searching for something. " , " User blog:Dinoco95/The Loudra Lair stories, User blog:Discofurby/Anger Unmanagement, Part 1, User blog:Discofurby/Anger Unmanagement, Part 3, User blog:Discofurby/Anger Unmanagement, Part 4, User blog:Discofurby/Anger Unmanagement, Part 5, User blog:Discofurby/Cliff's Christmas Chaos, This category contains articles about Fanfictions from users based on. This was also the first time Veenster7 came up with a fanfiction idea, ever. Lynn Sr.: Sorry son, racing games have never been my type. They roasted their marshmallows over the fire. y r the siblings dating- Lemy tem se sentido cada vez mais estranho desde que completou 13 anos, as mudanas no seu corpo e sua libido desenfreada era um claro sinal de sua puberdade, ele s no esperava oque essa puberdade significava para um Loud. Lynn Sr.: (speaks to himself) Y'know, if he was more athletic like Lynn, he'd have no problem with this. They were pulling the bat in and out, until Lori stepped on Lunas foot hard and she let go of the bat and Lori threw the bat away. Lynn Sr. (mad): And as for you young lady. It's also not my best work. "Thanks for looking after my brother boo boo bear", Lori said. Luna (mad): YOU NEVER CARED ABOUT OUR LITTLE BROTHER YOU WITCH! Enjoy! Maria wasn't in her usual nurse clothes on because she was gonna take the rest of the day off, but when she heard about the school fire and saw her daughter being taken into the hospital, she stayed for a bit longer . "What's with the roadkill", Lynn Sr. asked. "Darn it", Lori said, "they took my phone! User blog:Austria-Man/Truth or Fanfiction? I'm sorry for losing my temper. When a fight at the Loud House goes too far, the fragile bond the family has is shattered by its outcome. "Okay", Lori said, "you take a graham cracker, put a piece of chocolate on it, then the marshmallow, and squish it all between another graham cracker.". View source. Y'know, I used to play a bunch of soccer when I was a kid. Loan wasn't sure exactly what drove her to seek out her Uncle. marcy polly adventure +8 more # 10 the loud house:error lincoln by Charles Jacobo 21.4K 264 20 But seriously, you brought this on yourself little sis. My name is Y/N! comisin para DanielCaas1.romp mi juramento de no escribir de los "sin kids" solo por esta vez. Lori got up and was now furious. When Reina's date doesn't go as planned, Bobby's dragged from his quiet night of model building and rushes to her aid. (Lincoln watches Lynn and Lynn Sr. playing some soccer, and he begins to feel a little bit lonely). Lynn Sr.: Maybe it was because I never had any compliments from my Dad Look son, I really did want to spend time with you, it's just that we never had the same interests. Lynn Sr.: (laughs) That was a great one! He "LOVE: A dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species." Suddenly Lincoln kicks the door down. Every day, you're always hanging out with Luna, Luan, and Lynn! Well, that makes me feel better. Lola (mad): But you all agreed to this. Dylan Rose was a girl who mother had died when she was only 5. (Lincoln was touched by his Dad's compliment, that he hugged Lynn Sr. very tightly), (Lincoln and Lynn Sr. finish packing the van, and they drive back to the Royal Woods. It was noticed by her father, that Luna had even few tears coming down from her eyes. "While woods pooper over here is doing her thing, let's pitch a tent", Lori said. User blog:BatSam247/The Loud House- JUST EXPLAIN! Now that he thought about it, his father hadn't even hung Lincoln's picture on the wall. "Listen Lincoln", Lori said, "we're sorry about the camp, we should've let you have your fun. Huh. Lincoln: OH, I'M NOT BAD LUCK, Lisa come in here. Haven lives in an abusive home and is an outcast who hates her life. Meet Leif Dexter Loud, the genius boy and the second boy of the Loud house. He was being compared to his sisters too much, that he began to shake), (Lynn Sr. turns around to find Lincoln shaking in anger). Would you mind repeating that again? Because of being labeled bad luck, Lincoln was horribly mistreated by his own family. Some good old fashion soccer! Me, Lana and even Leni didnt want to do this. (Loud House Genderbent x Reader), The Loud House's Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fastest Thing Alive, A Walk Through The Park | A Loud Sisters Fanfiction. 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The Loud House's Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fastest Thing Alive. A Father's Thanks. I understand how he feels, when he wants some alone time, but because of your childish and mean behaviour, we were too scared to go against your plan. They then tried to pitch their tents, but had trouble doing so. After years of abuse from his family Lincoln finally snapped and goes on a crime spree. Who is Annabelle you ask? The camping trip had ended, and the sisters were talking about it. Luna was furious and jumped towards Lori and a fight cloud between started. Luan then saw an animal hide hanging off a bush. Lynn: Yeah! Coleccin de One-Shots de todos los gneros. Lincoln: Jeez Mom, what's with him? Lynn Sr.: Ah yes! Everything seemed to be going well for the young girl as she skated on the ice, until she got into an almost fatal accident hitting her head on the ice during a fall. Lola backed away scared. Chapter 3, a living nightmare. Disclaimer: I don't hate this episode, I feel like the ending should've been better and yes,I don't think Lincoln would react like this, Anyway, Here is my new fanfic: Loud Redemption. 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Some parts will be based off of episodes some will not. Unfortenatlly, there was nothing but silence in Vanzilla. At the house, the girls got out and went inside, and Lori greeted Bobby. "Wow", Lori said, "I haven't been swimming in a creek for years.". Lynn Sr.: (amazed) Wow! Lemy has to go to a new house to live with his cousins and his sister. That weasel's taking our food! Luna had her head up and she glared at their siblings and wanted to go upstairs, until Lola: Whats the matter sis? Lynn: Of course bro! Join Rudy Loud the Bastard Son of Lincoln as he and his Siblings (Loan, Leina, Lyra, Liby, Lyle, Lacy, Lupa, Lizy, Leia and Lulu) take you all across their Crazy Lives along with their parents. Lincoln is tired of being pushed around and being abused by his family, and now, he is deemed bad luck, once again. "I know", Lincoln said, "I'm going to stay here for the rest of my life. Mr. McBride: I agree with you. Luna: I didn't want to be kicked out too. It has been 7 months since the 'luck' incident happened. Sage Wilson is a daughter of a drug crazed mother who didn't seem to love her and an abusive father who changed for the worse when her mother left him. Whether you like the Sin Kids or not, you might find something that tickles your fancy. Lincoln glared at the house and decided to walk away from the house. Lincoln: I feel like I never spend enough time with Dad. Lori realised that she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Luna turned and her head was down the starcase steps. Thats when Lola made a mistake. "So this is the real reason Lincoln shut himself up in a van", Lynn Sr. said. We start outside the Loud House, the siblings are watching tv with Rita and Lynn Sr. "Look", Rita said, "you can't spend your life in a van.". Y'know, I remember when I used to just play a cowbell. to learn more please read the story :) The Loud House follows 11-year-old Lincoln, and 10 sisters who each have unique personalities: Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn Jr. ,Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily. We start outside the Loud House, the siblings are watching tv with Rita and Lynn Sr. A collection of short stories, one-shots, and ficlets in a multitude of genres, centered around the next generation of Louds. Here we go again. Lincoln Loud, a boy who was told he was back luck and it ended badly as he was kicked out by his family, hated and bullied by some of his classmates. Lincoln: It sure did. Now I feel a bit "eel"! Lynn Sr. on the other hand noticed the sisters glaring at their brother. I never even had a compliment from you (Lincoln looks down, making Lynn Sr. feel guilty by the fact that he never said he was proud of Lincoln for good notes). Be glad, it wasnt permenant. "Finally", Lola said, "I was getting cold.". *Later, Lincoln spots the sisters outside the door, so he hides behind the couch* They've got pretty good action! Later that night, Lynn and Luan had collected wood for a campfire. Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Murders Harold McBride. Join Rudy Loud the Bastard Son of Lincoln as he and his Siblings (Loan, Leina, Lyra, Liby, Lyle, Lacy, Lupa, Lizy, Leia and Lulu) take you all across their Crazy Lives along with their parents. I've got a plan! The girls then turned around and saw Lynn Sr. and Rita staring at them. Read to find out. Lincoln: Look at how much their having with their Dads. -Formerly named How To Keep A Secret- Luna (mad): Save it missy! The answer to that questi Hey! They jumped in and began playing around in the water. You are a werewolf and your family are nekos and werewolves. (Clyde and his Dads get into the car and drive off. Not to mention, he was a great ottoman for me. Here is my 19th fanfic, almost up to my 20th. Luan used the hide to dry off Lola's shoe. Hope you enjoy it :). It may not make sense. He actually killed Logan in a fit of rage when the boy was just twelve. ", "Flint and steel", Lori said, "it's what you use to make a fire.". A tutor? Jared's the new guy who causes trouble and likes to party. Well, how about some comics? I always had trouble with it. Originally, the focus was going to be Lincoln staying in Vanzilla until his sisters apologized, but I abandoned that concept in favor of the girls going to Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds and coming to enjoy it. Well.. take a wild guess. Lynn Sr.: (points) That green frog bit me! *The Loud Sisters minus Lynn leave the house, as it cuts to the McBride house, with Lincoln eating dinner, which is pierogis and rice and beans* Howard: That's rough, buddy. Would it be justified to feel jealous of her? Please consider turning it on! Everyone was startled by Lucys sudden appearance. Lincoln: (Shows them on his laptop) I could go to the police and get you arrested for this. So this is it, my first Quotev story in over a while! Rita: He just needs to blow off some steam, that's all. They got in Vanzilla and Lynn Sr. took notice of Lily's fur diaper. Dante sees great potential in Lincoln lincoln loud era maltratado por su familia hasta que su familia decide venderlo, porque? Basically Rita and Lynn Sr. want to adopt, and you can figure out the rest on your own. (Sequel to Darkness Falls on the House of Loud). Lori and Luna were growling at each other with fury and they looked like they were about to kill each other. But Luna was still angry and pushed aside everyone and slammed her door from her room. leniloud theloudhouse lisaloud +14 more # 2 Lincoln: Loud Ace Of Crime by Alex Debi 28.6K 358 53 Lori reached in her pocket, but her phone wasn't there. (to Lincoln) How did you do that? Trapped within a realm of pure darkness, the Louds find that there is more to fear than what lurks in the shadows. Lucy: Sigh. Luna just looked at Lori. ", "Maybe we were a little demanding to him", Lori said, "we should apologize.". Haha! Lincoln: Ahh, there's nothing better than reading comic books on a beautiful day like this. Are you serious Lori? ", "It was your fault", Lola said, "you used us. Lincoln: Maybe I should just go for a walk, it could help me relax. Lynn 'Victory' Loud III wrestled with these thoughts in her head. "That was fun", Lola said, "let's do it every year.". It was a beautiful day at the Loud House, beautiful for everyone to get outside and have some fun. "Oh my gosh, it is our faults", Leni said. Then Lincoln saw Chandler talking to his Dad). I decided to do something different because I'm no longer doing these Chloe Park stuff on Quotev. Lynn Sr.: Uhh, good job son. Luna: So he was a good ottoman to you? Lynn: We don't want your bad luck in here. He always favored my brothers over me. and since then she has nightmares. "Lincoln got sick, so we came a day early", Rita said. It's not what you think! Carmen Sandiego has tract a VILE operation in Michigan. They roasted meat over the fire for sandwiches. The camping trip had ended, and the sisters were talking about it. Luna gasped in shock and said: Lincoln! What if Lincoln didn't lie about having badluck to have time for himself, but to have time for a certain foundation. You and your stupid tattle tale bogus. Tiago Segades Porta, the creator of Loud World with Tiago Loud (a remake of The Loud House with Tiago Loud, Segades Porta's Loud House OC) invites you to an all-new remake with the cat and mouse duo, and a boy, named Tiago! Luan: (walks into the room) Hey Dad, did you remember about today? I didn't work on this story by myself I got help fro Lincoln's life changes when a woman comes to adopt him when he was left to die in a squirrel suit. Broken Chapter 1, a loud house fanfic | FanFiction Rape. this is a loud house fanfic t During the events of NSL Lincoln run away, while on the streets a thug attempts to rob him but is saved by a man named Dante Vale. "Let's check the cooler", Lana said, "dad said that in it is a first aid kit, some flashlights, and food.". After the events of Sound of Silence, Lincoln was angry at his sisters for pranking him and havent talked to them after the visit of the hospital.

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