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In my case, traditional flight training is very inefficient and overall takes many more hours spread out over many months or years. Prerequisite: FAA Private Pilot Helicopter License. This course includes the flight and ground instruction to meet the needs of an average student with good English language skills and ability. I hadnt flown for 8 months and had booked 7 days to get me to completion. I highly recommend this course to anyone who fits the personal attributes mentioned above. Todd is a real professional, very calm, good humored and knowledgeable. With absolutely no previous experience in aviation whatsoever, I really did not know what I had gotten myself into once I arrived at AFIT. In addition to exemplary ground and flight instruction, Mike took the time to ensure I was comfortable and getting enough rest. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal of learning how to fly. With me back home and holding a TICKET in my possession they are all astonished that I was able to achieve my private pilot license in such a short amount of time. I had an incredible experience with Paul (I would call him my friend as well after flying and learning from him during our time together). Your private pilot training experience with Paragon is broken into modules we call "Stages": Starting Point: Discovery Introduction Flight & On Boarding Meeting. I am very looking forward to coming back and do some more flying with John. After I had completed all of the necessary steps, and passed my written exam, all that was left was two weeks in Rexburg, Idaho to complete the flight instruction and check-ride. Youve got a good instructor on your hands. I had been slowly marching towards my PPL for almost 2 years and never was able to make that final push due to instructor availability, weather, aeroplane availability, and my own schedule. I left jazzed about moving forward to getting instrument rated and I have applied to a local flight club, met several pilots that own planes in my home airport and am actively working on getting a hanger and my own bird, which is way harder than you might imagine. Overall my experience with AFIT was fantastic. But it really can be done! Flying involves a lot more skills than just time in the plane, and our debriefings and discussions proved the wealth of wisdom Andy has accumulated over his decades in aviation. I still use many of, if not all, of the things he taught me today. The procedures were taught in a very easy to understand way. Receiving my PPL yesterday will be one of the most memorable days of my life! I had about 10-15 hours when I was 16, 21 years ago and attempted training again back in 2018 and the search for an instructor I meshed with and felt confident in was a struggle to the point that I never went back up in a plane in 2018. This is the biggest plus. I would highly recommend this program and John as an instructor to anyone looking to gain their private pilot certificate in a short period of time. Front Range Flight School is the pilot's choice for the best flight school in the Denver Colorado area with great rates and great instructors. The FAA says you must be at least 16 years old to fly solo with a student pilot certificate, and 17 years old to get a pilots license. Eric is long on patience and is meticulous in his instructing. John was a real Professional. I have learned more in 7 days than a year of dicking around with the flight school I was in. Despite some challenges with local weather, we continued to make good progress throughout and I could see myself improving every day. maneuvering speeds. First off, thanks to you and Andy for helping me accomplish my goal of becoming a Private Pilot. It has been 24 hours since I passed my check ride and I still cant believe it. Crazy right?? One of the best things that I have ever done! Fly Arkansas, LLC is the only flight training provider in North Central Arkansas. - Accelerated Instrument Rating Training from Alpine Flight Training. Instead of wasting hours flying infrequently, I would recommend AFIT to one and all looking to get their pilot training completed in the best possible way! Check ride was really no big deal and went really well. Oleg did a phenomenal job as a teacher, going the extra mile and customizing the program to my needs. He provided materials, insight, and test prep recommendations in addition to the hands on flight training and quizzing in order to prepare me to be a safe and qualified pilot. Johns method of teaching allowed for both understanding of flying as well as humor. To all those who have this same aspiration, I strongly recommend AFIT you will be in good hands! I started flight training 17 years ago and never finished, much to my regret. You choose the path that is right for you. A few mechanic needs came up along the way and they were taken care of immediately. Being behind the plane makes everything feel like it is happening much faster and you are always playing catch up. AFIT provided me with the knowledge and training that I needed to fulfill my childhood dream of being a pilot. I landed in Van Nuys two weeks ago at 5:00 AM not knowing what to expect. Perhaps as a result of Erics dedication and my matching efforts the actual checkride was rather anticlimactic and almost easier than I expected, the sign of good preparation. . Two weeks ago today I had never even sat in the left seat of an aircraft let alone flown one. Todds experience and knowledge of the program really facilitated our training smoothly and right on time (if not ahead of time). We had a lot of fun especially on cross country flights to Nappa, Modesto, Chico and Redding just to name a few. Building a rapport with your instructor is essential; Cholenas constant smile made every task looks easier than it really was. The flight instructors have a very busy schedule with multiple students and it is difficult for them to give you priority of focus and difficult to get on the schedule with them regularly. But gradually, day by day Mike taught me how to fly good ole Cessna 80246. It wasnt just 8 hours a day of flying. Andy is a phenomenal instructor. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who fits the personal attributes above, and I would be more than happy to talk in more detail about anyone looking for any more details! John helped me finish up my fixed wing add-on rating in just five (5) short days. With Sam we averaged four hours a day and the rest of the time was on the ground preparing me for the Checkride. If you require more time to finish we will work with you until you achieve your goal and become a Certified Private Pilot at the normal daily training rate. One of the best things that I have ever done! Andy was great and I couldnthave hoped for a better instructor. Im looking forward to getting the most out of my new private pilot license this summer! I dont think this would have been accommodated without Gregs / AFITs relationship with the DPE, as they are very busy and tightly scheduled. The 99th Flying Training Squadron is responsible for executing the seven month training mission that culminates with students earning their pilot wings. And then shell work with you until you master it. John, my instructor, was not only a teacher but a friend as well. In addition to making flying fun and being a great teacher, he also knows precisely how to prepare his students for the all-important check-ride. I recommend Oleg to any incoming student to the AFIT program. My course was amazing and got me moving along way faster than I ever thought possible. I learnt about AFIT and the promise seemed to fit my needs exactly by dedicated instructor and plane availability in a good weather location on a full-time basis, thereby covering all the 4 concerns above and clearing the path towards the goal of PPL. I knew accelerated programs were out there, but I also knew there was a continuum on the quality of that training. I began my flight training in the traditional way two years before I contacted AFIT. I cant thank you both, enough for helping me to achieve this life-long goal! His encouragement and eye for detail pushed me through all the way, especially when the going got tough. I was intrigued and gave Tony a call, and he got me set up with my AFIT instructor, Ruben, at Lincoln Airport outside Sacramento. 35 hours of videos with beautiful graphics and animations. Despite weather delays that impacted both the training and the check ride, it all got done. Mike is also sensitive to student needs. Alabama: Outside of Fort Rucker - 3269 S. US Highway 231, Suite 117, Ozark, AL 36360. I feel like I have made a lifelong friend in Sean and have already referred a new client. Jason pushed me to excel and thoroughly prepared me for my check ride, which I just passed yesterday. He is someone who understands my learning style. I really appreciate him pushing me to be the best pilot I can be. During which every flight I had to relearn half of the previous information. But I also think that an accelerated course only works if you are with a team that has the experience and understanding to do it professionally. He has a way of making complex concepts simple and encourages critical thinkingwhy were doing something, not just how. 14 days! He has obviously helped hundreds of students achieve their ratings, so I can only assume my struggles were due to my own shortcomings. His level of motivation was unbelievable and inspirational. Price does not include the FAA Examiner fee. Andy was vital in my successful pursuit of my private pilot license. I had an excellent time with Todd Gilbert. Ground Instruction. Tony, thank you for your help with my private pilot training and setting me up to ace the Check ride. My training in Hurricane, Utah was a great training venue. My gratitude and kudos to Mike and AFIT. It has not been an easy feat passing FAAs written, flight and oral examinations. I will absolutely use John and AFIT for my next rating. Truly, thank you for making my dream of the past 3-4 years a reality! The compressed 2 week program is intense, come prepared and ready to commit. Working with AFIT was a great experience. As you know I had been working on this for years and my previous instructors just kept telling me how hard the practical was going to be and for the oral I had to know everything. It is a lot of work but therefore that much more satisfying!! John is a Grade A instructor. And I knew I had to kick myself to start and FINISH my private pillow license to start on achieving my dream to fly for the big boys one day. Abe is a talented and patient instructor with a great sense of humor who made long days of flying a ton of fun. The school spent a lot of time theorizing about how to get the max time from/for students, instead it pushed me behind. You were able to hear my questions and turn those into lesson plans that focused on what I needed to know. It is a computerized exam that is administer before you start flight training. Thank you for everything Ruben. New York, New York / Camarillo, California, Private Pilot Training, Cessna 172 with G1000. Erwin made the most of our time and never for a moment gave up on me. I learned so much in such a short time, I didnt even know it was possible but Oleg really supported me from start to finish. Ive had previous training and both Tony and my instructor, Aiden, were extremely helpful and flexible to accommodate this. Tony provided a streamlined syllabus of nine training days and available dates. Massive thanks to John my CFI and Tony for arranging training in the U.S to pass my 2 week accelerated PPL Course. John continually reminded me, the importance of holding the centerline of the runway and not giving it up. Just wanted to say thank you and Todd for a great experience in Rexburg. My sincere thanks to the whole team at AFIT. Next up will be my instrument ratingperhaps after a few months of flying. As you know Tony, I flew commercially to Texas and purchased a high performance complex aircraft. In addition, John gave me an introduction to mountain flying as well as high performance and complex airplane experience while flying an awesome V-tail Bonanza. Very pleasant to be around and very knowledgeable.

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