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The Seattle [] There's just too much 'go along, get along' over the years. You depend on KNKX for trusted, in-depth local news, music by knowledgeable hosts and enlightening NPR programs. We asked readers for their thoughts on what repercussions the Bellevue football program should face, as well as what the scandal says about high-school sports. Just one play into Hazens opening drive, senior Joel Schneider made an acrobatic interception, which moments later led to a sight thats become the terror of KingCo 3A: an Ishaan Daniels long run and touchdown this time from 63 yards. I found John Harrisons (former Mercer Island High School principal and now Executive Director of Bellevue Public Schools) comments to be cavalier; aiding and abetting a serious flaw in the system and, just plain very disappointing given his stellar career as a Mercer Island principal. Comments (-1) BPS Summer STEM Camps. The Academic Institute existed in a strip mall not far from Bellevue High. football coach makes appeal after ban. They say proposed project will negatively impact Minidoka internment camp site. Final score: 48-14, Bellevue. How did parents move into a new apartment and never pay a dime of rent and never ask how that came to be? But KingCo officials saw Bellevues problems as requiring more severe sanctions. Have no fear, Bellevue Faithful, the East Channel Bridge rivalry is very much alive. "Goncharoff, the booster club at Bellevue, and many people objected said 'No, this is all inaccurate. Freeman met with a reporter on two separate occasions at a SeaTac restaurant. There are many changes that should be made but they will never happen because our society places much more value on their teams winning than they do on oureducation system., This incident underscores what happens when booster clubs are permitted for specific sports and when those clubs put their own egos and insecurities above the appropriate life lessons to be gained and promoted from participation in school activities. And then there is the claim within the report that some of the misdeeds were not so secretive; they were just direct cash payments to families to get players to Bellevue. Probation: Bellevue athletic department is on probation for four years. Plenty of things we need to clean up for next week, though. The first loss came at the hands of back-to-back Oregon 6A state champions, Central Catholic, on a field goal as time expired, which gave CCHS the first lead theyd had since early in the second quarter. But many of those accomplishments are in jeopardy, because of a scandal that has now reached the punishment stage. But the program's remarkable success has. Stamford had little trouble in the playoffs with wins over Quanah (43-13), Cisco (32-22), Denver City (14-0) and Olney (15-7). Which spelled out who could live in certain neighborhoods. Junior Carson Rubin was the first to take the spotlight two long runs and two TDs got BHS on the board in Q1. Its no surprise that we tend to have a lot of conversations about entitled young athletes. Teaching young impressionable minds to cheat is criminal! The SHIBA program part of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner is ready to help with your Medicare open enrollment decisions. Among the violations, the 68-page report found thatplayers families provided false address to gain eligibility and that head coach ButchGoncharoff encouraged players to attend classes at a private alternative school where some of the players tuition was subsidized by the programs booster club. Daniels got the second half rolling with his fourth house call of the game, and Luke Scoma added a late field goal to give the Wolverines a 44-13 win. Two former teachers told the Times the Academic Institute doesnt adhere to basic educational standards. Players need a 2.0 GPA with no more than one failing class to compete athletically. Its unfortunate for the kids who played therebut also hard on those who played against Bellevue, too. Published: Oct. 14, 2022 at 6:55 PM PDT. Jessie Armstead, played for Miami and was the 207th pick in the 8th round of the 1993 NFL draft. The players reportedly got the steroids from a dealer named Big Mike who was a fitness trainer. Food, Drink, and Coastal Christmas Anacortes has it all. (Image courtesy Bellevue Wolverines Facebook) KNKX Public Radio | Final score, 49-6, Eastlake. The sanctions are the latest chapter in the saga of investigations, appeals and denials concerning one of the most successful prep-football programs in state history. How did parents never ask how their kid had so much walking around money? Rescind the championship titles, and ban the team from any post-season playoffs for five years. 710 ESPN Seattles Danny ONeil thinks the parents are misguided. There are plenty of opinions during the aftermath of an investigation that found the Bellevue High School football team engaged in potentially illegal recruiting tactics, but one common thread is a lack of shock. Team supporters have battled the Bellevue School Districts decisions. How did the adults never ask how it was that their kid was taking classes in a $1,750 per month school, yet they never got a tuition bill? The conferences action sets a precedent that should raise a red flag to everyone, the statement said. It's easy to be accused of fearmongering regarding crime, but Seattle residents might have good reason to be concerned for their safety. It should be a Homecoming to remember! That was released a few months ago. Thiel said the complaints have been leveled at the Bellevue High School football program for years, but the scandal erupted after an investigation by the Seattle Times last year. NEWSLINE 425-453-4270. In an article about how Bellevues success was aided by a small private school, Freeman, 20, told the Times that he lived in four different cities during his years with the Bellevue football team Sammamish, Bellevue, Auburn and SeaTac. "This issue with Bellevue has been around for many years. But Notre Dame-bound RB Jayden Limar led a second half comeback, eventually closing the game out 37-28. Video Highlights of State Championship New coaching staff of young alumni lead Bellevue back to state football championship glory This decision is unfair to the players who are the heart and soul of this program. The No. Cheerleaders capture the crowds attention during the game, but one group of Texas high school cheerleaders captured the attention of the entire nation due to their outlandish behavior. Brazen Family-Central Bar + Restaurant,520 Bar and Grill, The Brazens - Windermere. Breed initially denied any involvement, but in December of 2015 pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily injury, was placed on probation and gave up teaching. Freeman said he may have misunderstood the conversation about rent and that it was possible Goncharoff had only worked to help the family find a place to rent in Bellevue. In both games, seniors Ishaan Daniels and George Kruger were standouts. Medicare open enrollment is here and SHIBA can help! McKinney North Principal Linda Thret was the mom of one of the Fab Five and eventually resigned due to mounting pressure over her lack of discipline with the group. This isnt a player finding $100 cash in his locker. The long-running nature of the corruption uncovered by this investigation could only have occurred with the explicit or tacit approval of Bellevue High Schooland Bellevue School District administrators, as the reportvividly details. Coach Kneip on the game, We had a great, physical week of practice, and it really paid off. The most successful and the private schools are usually those that get accused. Michael Kneip coaches his alma mater and is bent on restoring its football greatness. Updated: 7:13 PM PDT July 8, 2016. The defense continued their stifling business, while the offense added a 27-yard Lucas Razore-to-Hogan Hansen TD, and a 39-yard Daniels TD run, leading to a comfortable first quarter lead. Mind you, this is not the kind of booster club that has bake sales to pay for road trips. He openly shared details of his high school experiences, saying he felt like the program was putting kids in a poor position to succeed after high school and that he didnt want to see the program have a negative impact on others in the future. If youre a Pac-12 talent, you are going to jump off the page at recruiters, he said. Or that they never had homework from that school? Bellevue High School in Bellevue, Washington is one of the most successful high school football programs in the country, with 11 state titles in 15 years, a 67-game winning streak covering some of that period and a national footprint that has had them playing on ESPN . 1. Playoffs: No postseason games for four years, Boosters: No donations to program for four years, Games: Only KingCo 3A opponents for two years; no out-of-state opponents for four years, Transfers: Stricter guidelines, oversight for incoming transfer students for two years, Championships: Vacate Bellevues conference titles if WIAA determines that state titles should be forfeited. Now lets see a similar investigation into sports programs at every private high school in the state to determine just how many of their players parents are paying full tuition. Among those, Freeman said Goncharoff directed him to attend the Academic Institute instead of studying at Bellevue. On the shoulders of some hard running by junior Carson Rubin and sophomore Ryken Moon, a long reception by senior Ishaan Daniels, and a heaping helping of stingy defense, Bellevue took a 47-7 lead to the locker room at half time. On the eve of a Halloween weekend, the Bellevue faithful showed up in droves (and costumes) to celebrate another fantastic class of Bellevue High seniors. Volunteer to help people understand their Medicare options! Touchdowns by Daniels, Hansen, Rubin, Moon, Smith, and Matsudaira. JV Head Coach Danny Salonen was upbeat after the game, we never like to lose games like this, there are plenty of fundamentals on both sides of the ball that need cleaning up, but I cant imagine a better opportunity for our young guys and newer players to play a ton of football. "The Bellevue High School football cheating scandal is 'American Greed' at it worst.". Rantz is much less critical of the Bellevue parents saying that, assuming the allegations are true, putting a student in the position to gain a college scholarship is a noble pursuit. Like many expectant mothers, Miranda Kekauoha had a plan. Rantz says he doesnt blame the parents whatsoever. Goncharoff released a statement after KingCos sanctions were handed down. SEATTLE An independent investigation into the Bellevue High football team uncovered "significant and long-standing violations" of state sports rules and extensive evidence that the team's. Of the 24-23 loss, Coach Kneip said, Theyre a really, really well-coached, high quality program. Recent newspaper headlines should bring the immediate firing of Butch Goncharoff, Bellevue High School football coach. The following Monday, the Bellevue JV had their first home game of the season, hosting Juanita. This was wealth gone greedy., Bellevue football report put asterisk on winning record. BELLEVUE REBOUNDS AT HOME VS LIBERTY, TOUGH START FOR WOLVERINES AGAINST TOP RANKED OPPONENTS, Former UW Lineman Is Lead Blocker in Returning Bellevue High to Prominence, Yelm goes length of field to end Bellevue's state championship reign, 28-27, PHOTOS: Yelm edges past Bellevue, 28-27, to earn title shot, VIDEO Game Highlights from Lincoln Playoff Game, 3A Quarterfinal, Bellevues 43-yard field goal breaks the hearts and playoff hopes of Lincoln Read more at:, With Bellevue in need of a season-saving spark, Luke Scoma delivers - with his foot, Bellevue tops 400 yards rushing to beat Mead in 3A state football playoffs, Bellevue football team defeats Snohomish in non-conference game. Im so happy and proud of all of them. It feels quaint to sit back and watch an old rerun of Friday Night Lights and see some rally girl doing Tim Riggins homework, or a star player finding a mysterious envelope with cash in it. But the programs remarkable success has depended, in part, on players who werent actually Bellevue High students. Luke Scoma wins it for Bellevue with his 43-yard field goal in Wolverines' 22-20 win over Lincoln of Tacoma in Class 3A quarterfinals. Bellevue Superintendent Tim Mills says the district will appeal. Final score: Wolverines 53, Panthers 12. After finding steroids in her sons athletic bag in September of 2004, a Colleyville Heritage mom approached school administrators after verifying the contents through a local drug store. The Academic Institute was briefly involved in a athletic district investigation after the family complaint, but no one from the school spoke to investigators. This isnt just about high school sports. Weve seen a couple of surveys about Seattles happiness rating, one shows us near the top for happiness, and one has us closer to the bottom. All rights reserved. In its report to KingCo, the Bellevue School District acknowledged several violations of rules while disputing other aspects of the independent investigation. The Times uncovered 17 instances. Fire them all immediately.. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Copyright 2023, The Spokesman-Review | Community Guidelines | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Copyright Policy, A Grip on Sports: The action, good and bad, hits a little closer to home today, ESPN analysts expect 'rocking' Kennel for GameDay show, 'heavyweight fight' in Gonzaga-Saint Mary's nightcap , 'Growing up I can say I fell victim to being a Gonzaga fan.' "The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), which is the administrative body that governs prep sports hired two investigators who produced a 68-page report that confirmed much of what the Times discovered as well as other things. Per a statement, athletic director Jim Hicks said. Next stop for the Wolverines (13-0) is the state championship game the Gridiron Classic versus Kennewick at noon on Dec. 4 at Sparks Stadium in Puyallup. A video of two football players from John Jay High School in San Antonio went viral in September of 2015 after they blindsided a referee near the end of a game versus Marble Falls. The second half would be spent in running clock, ending in a final of 54-13. Discretely paid for by the booster club. However, the school often had no teachers in the classrooms; little, if any homework was ever given, and the players received full class credit. Lots of work to be done to get where we want to be, though. Final score: 20-14, bringing the JV to 1-1. Embattled Bellevue High School football coaches took another hit Friday as an executive board made up of high school principals increased penalties for the head . Coach Salonen said, We feel incredibly lucky to have the numbers to support a JV program this year, we love seeing the additional reps these players are getting, and the improvement that comes with those reps.. PF 497 PA 185 STREAK 1L. I think that theres a lot of different layers to understanding exactly what is going on., Related: Teen football player tackles suspected shoplifter. Bellevue junior Cal Zimmerman (#8) scores a touchdown as Snohomish seniors Miles Lamb (#8) and Easton Leonard (#24) attempt to tackle. I am also the father of a high school varsity athlete. And we wonder where entitled athletes come from? Im already excited for next week. JV plays at Lake Washington on Monday 9/26. "This is the most successful athletic program in state history and it's being torn down. Bellevue will be on bye this week, ahead of a Week 9 home game against Hazen to finish off the regular season. The only actual answer is likely that they didnt know and they didnt care to know. Good kids and families participated in Bellevuefootball, but there were also some people who stepped over the line. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps is the traditional American response to anyone who complains about his lot in life. However, the victory only lasted five months when the school became the first in the state to have their title taken from them. 1 Bellevue back into 3A state semifinals: 4 observations Jones has filed an unfair-labor-practices complaint with the Public Employment Relations Commission. A 68-page report found that players' families provided false address to gain eligibility and that head coach Butch Goncharoff encouraged players to attend classes at a private alternative school. The Colleyville Heritage Steroid . BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Bellevue High School football coach Butch Goncharoff told the school board Tuesday that an investigation of the football . Instead, athletes became eligible to play for the football powerhouse by traveling to a Bellevue office park for classes at an obscure, 40-student private school: The Academic Institute, Inc. Because of the legal challenge, Carter was allowed to go forward in the playoffs and they went on to a state title after defeating Converse Judson in the title game 31-14. The Bellevue football story became national news in 2016 as false accusations of recruiting by the twelve-time state champions and 2012 national champions took center stage. Later, a traffic citation was issued to a Yusef Freeman with an address in SeaTac. The team has won 11 state championships in the last 15 seasons. The Bellevue booster club in a statement early Tuesday expressed disappointment with the sanctions. The players spent 75 days in the districts alternative school after the incident. It hid and manipulated scientific and medical research and evidence to hide the price their players were paying on the field due to head injuries. "They also discovered compensation to the head coach, Butch Goncharoff, of $60,000 a year that was well in excess of what the standards are for high school coaches.". The Colleyville Heritage Steroid Scandal. By, Its almost like a cult. Activists shout down rural renewable energy projects, Amazon pauses construction in Virginia on its second headquarters, Dam owner guilty in field turf pollution of Puyallup River, First auction held for licenses to pollute in Washington, How this year's Selma Bridge Crossing could mark a community renaissance, Russia's foreign minister gets laughed at over Ukraine remarks at a global conference, Students learn lessons on climate change, pollution through raising salmon. In Q2, senior Ishaan Daniels added his own long TD run, and quarterback Lucas Razore added not one, but two, TD passes to fellow junior Blake Teets (one for 19 yards, one for 43). The NFL is the big example. 9-0 on the season, BACK ON TRACK! Freemans parents criticized the Times reporters who wrote the Bellevue High story, saying they hounded and harassed their son and tricked him into saying things that he has no knowledge of. The win marks a return to the top for a former state juggernaut that won eight state championships from 2001 to 2011. While parents arent specifically mentioned in these allegations, ONeil says they would most certainly be involved in these violations and are also culpable. Led by senior running back William Wang as the wrecking ball of destruction in Bellevues vaunted Wing-T rushing attack, the Wolverines dogged Rainier Beach all night on the ground in a 56-22 triumph on Friday night in Class 3A state quarterfinals at Bellevue High School, Highlights of Bellevue's 56-22 win over Rainier Beach in the quarterfinals of the 3A State Playoffs. Bellevue footballs promotion of a culture of cheating is a broadly understood fact. I correct you Sir they are in your charge as Student Athletes at Bellevue High School taking a physical education class, thereby bound by all the rules and regulations attendant to participating in any WIAA competitive sport which includes providing financial aid. Here is a selection of the responses we received: Bellevue High Schools titles need to be removed. On November 10, the UIL shocked Dallas Carter and the entire state when they announced the Cowboys were ineligible for the playoffs. In the second half, the Highlanders were haunted by a flurry of big plays on special teams and defense, by the Wolverines. The KingCo Conference has levied sanctions against the school that include four years of probation for the entire athletic department,no road games or out-of-conference games for two years, no money funneled into the program from any source for four years, no postseason play for four years and no out-of-state opponents (a big source of revenue) for four years. In 2009, along with Steve Rudman and KJR 950 afternoon host Mike Gastineau, Thiel authored The Great Book of Seattle Sports Lists, a cross between and Mad Magazine that has become mandatory reading for any sports fan who has an indoor bathroom. That leads to what the money was used for. With the pregame celebrations and hugs finished, the Wolverines wasted no time getting down to business. 1 talking about this. The second half once again belonged to the youngsters and up-and-comers, who finished strong to the tune of a 56-14 victory. It should not be about winning at all costs to include cheating by parents. These efforts were and are fully within the rules., The boosters vowed to continue to fight. Location: Bellevue . In response to allegations against the Bellevue booster club, KingCo ruled that the Bellevue football program cannot receive any donations for four years, including money, equipment and products from outside entities. The Wolverines will look to build on their learning from week 1 and 2 as they start KingCo 3A conference play against Liberty High School this Friday. Edwards was sentenced to 16 years and never played another down of football. Even private schools require the students attend classes at that institution and make the grades to play, not go to a strip-mall diploma mill., The Seattle Times closes comments on particularly sensitive stories. "They also discovered that there was a small school within the school called the Academic Institute, which was privately funded by a lot of the boosters to give educations to students who were struggling. The Wolverines will look to keep extend their conference win streak next week, at home, against the Knights of Newport. Allow only the students living within the boundaries to participate. An investigation released Tuesday revealed significant and long-standing violations by the Bellevue High School football program. Video Highlights of State Championship New coaching staff of young alumni lead Bellevue back to state football championship glory Of those 17 boys, seven were Bellevue football players. The parents disputed Freemans account in which he said his father had asked him to thank Bellevue coach Butch Goncharoff for helping pay rent. At least 42 transfer students contributed to Bellevue's football team from 2008 to 2015, according to the report, for a program that has reached 13 Class 3A state championship games in the past. We asked our fans to vote for the 3A Players of the Year for Texas HS Football Podcast: Championship Series. Every sport has its dark side and high school football in Texas is no exception. During one of the meetings with the Times, Freeman said he no longer had a relationship with his father. The schools don't want to arm the WIAA with investigatory powers. Or, at the very least, put on administrative leave along with the schools athletic director until a thorough investigation is has been completed into the financial records (who paid what) and academic record of Academic Institute Inc., in Bellevue. All told, a 42-0 first half lead. Coach Kneip said after the victory, Amazing atmosphere tonight!! KingCo will vacate Bellevues conference titles if the WIAA determines that state championships should be forfeited. Yusef Freeman did not return a call Friday seeking comment on his letter. "He's still a vital part of the picture. Come one, come all! 2023 ABG-SI LLC. Bellevue is not allowed to play out-of-state opponents for four seasons. The Academic Institute has a monthly tuition of $1,750. More of the money went to pay for school; the kind with no real academics. Varsity takes the field this Saturday (10/8) at Juanita, at 7pm, while the JV will face Juanita at home the following Monday. The Bellevue High football team is reportedly aided by a diploma mill private school. In the second quarter, junior Carson Rubin got on the board with an thrilling 80 TD run, Razore completed his second TD pass of the day (once again to Hansen, of course), and senior DB Caymus Rooney took an interception 40 yards to the house. BHS cheated its own eligible students of playing. Darien Freeman has not returned multiple messages left for him last week. ', "The Bellevue School District said only one charge was valid and that was the compensation to Goncharoff, and so they recommended his firing. After the game, Coach Kneip said, Our job is to put our kids in the best position to win a state championship, and that means challenging ourselves against the best opponents we can possibly find for our non-conference games.. You can find Art Thiel's work at Sportspress Northwest and BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Bellevue School District officials and booster club members are fighting back against a blistering report that alleged recruitment violations within the Bellevue High. Sophomore Ollie Sharp, and freshmen Max Jones also found the end zone, en route to a 46-7 Bellevue win, capping their first JV tour in years. And that lofty tuition bill? My son plays football as a freshman at Liberty High School, and of course the teams one loss this past year was to Bellevue. Theyre going to find you. Records reviewed by the Seattle Times, however, show that Freemans father has had a home address in Auburn. Back to work tomorrow!. The Bellevue High School football cheating scandal is American Greed at it worst! Make it hurt. The Bellevue High (Seattle) football team is reportedly aided through a "diploma mill" private school, according to an investigation by The Seattle Times . That loss was an eye-opener, as Bellevue dominated in every aspect of the game against our team. Bellevue High's football squad completed an undefeated season by winning the 3A state championship with a 17-13 triumph over Kennewick High on Dec. 4 at Sparks Stadium in Puyallup. After starting the season in Sports Illustrateds SB Live Top 25, the Wolverines found themselves on the wrong end of two tightly contested losses to start their 2022 campaign. This is another example of the incredibly flawed process that has been guiding this investigation for months. An independent investigation found a series of potential violations on the Bellevue High School football program. Staff reporter Mike Baker contributed to this report. It's not a state agency. I think the system is prone to corruption. Bellevue football players worked hard thats how they won. This is a public high school and a strong message needs to be sent that this type of practice cannot be tolerated. Amazing game and ending for Bellevue Wolverines, All the coaches involved should lose their jobs and be required to return any money they received that was above the amount they were legally entitled to. KPLU sports commentator Art Thiel says it's a symptom of a much bigger problem.Media Probe. She handles most sports coverage at the station, including helping produce a two-part series on the 50th anniversary of Title IX and the ongoing series "Going Deep.". With their sights set on a state championship run, the Cowboys began preparing for the playoffs. Earlier this year, one family complained that an assistant coach threatened to revoke their sons financial aid at Academic Institute if the student didnt continue playing football at Bellevue. 1 Bellevue back into 3A state semifinals: 4 observations, Week 11 Playoff Matchups - Bellevue 42, Lakes 21, (Nov 12, 2021), This website is powered by SportsEngine's. After the Seattle Times story was published on Sunday, a distraught Darien Freeman called a Times reporter, saying hed just spoken with Goncharoff. Bellevue can appeal the sanctions to KingCo principals within five school days, then can appeal to the executive board of the SeaKing District and ultimately to the executive board of the WIAA. This fake news reporting in the media hammered down on the program until the program was literally ripped apart at the seams. KingCo will have stricter guidelines and oversight for incoming transfer student-athletes for two years. It was so one-sided and evident that something was different about this team in comparison to the other nine teams Liberty played against., For every year they won the state championship, that should be the number of years they are not qualified to compete in theplayoffs. Who do these kids think they are? What makes them think they are so deserving? You know what? 2023 Bonneville International. And a large percentage of those kids were athletes," Thiel said. During that conversation on Sunday, Freeman reaffirmed the other aspects of his account. In all, six players were connected with 21 robberies that occurred in Carter neighborhoods. The second half saw more of the same stingy Wolverine defense, and scores being added by another long Daniels run, and a 30-yard TD connection from Razore to junior TE, Hogan Hansen. GSBA, Comcast, and other partners are working to address disparities in access to financial resources with the Ready for Business fund. Voted as the KING 5 Sports Big Game of the Week, the 4-2 Wolverines once again headed north on 405 for a KingCo 3A showdown, this time with the 4-1 Lake Washington Kangs.

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