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Might be easier to call and go over the lists. ", That's when life's issues put a stop to Bryan's project, and the 'Cuda sat in storage for the next eight years. Pretty sweet & rare opportunity to build your own ragtop Cuda from a solid beginning. In about 2002 I was at the mopar nationals in Ohio and there was a gorgeous 1970 Cuda Convertible Hemi clone done extremely well. No motor, o transmission. And its being sold the same way, so quite of few parts are missing, such as anything chrome, glass and most of the interior. Cashiers check must clear bank before pick up. There were only 2724 made of this rare car and only 1604 were automatics. The old saying goes that if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Price $48,995 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Price $69,900 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Price $79,000 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Price Auction 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Price $109,900 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Price $69,990 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Price Inquire 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Price $80,000 The inside doors and rear speaker shelf still have original paint. Strong. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. You can go original, resto mod or tribute car and you have nice bones to work with. Barracuda converts, 1,554. Left? The undercarriage looks pretty rusty, but important areas like the floorboards seem to be intact. Therefore, you have a certain set of people that WANT a E-body convertible to make it there way, regardless of cost. The good news is that the transmission is still present. Nice base for the cloning of a 7 figure car EXCEPT ; But what we have here is the most expensive Chrysler product ever sold at auction.The vehicle in question is a Plymouth Barracuda - specifically a 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible, chassis #BS27R1B315367 - that Mecum Auctions just sold after eight solid minutes of feverish bidding for a high bid of $3.5 million at its auction in Seattle, Washington. frame rails) and then restored the interior for a comfortable ride, installed original or late model drivetrain for reliability, and left the exterior patina alone. 11,890 mi. We did not get the drive train when purchased. Even in its current state, this car still cuts a great profile and looks great. Sad today. Year, body, Gran Coupe, coupe, conv? That figure positively eclipses the $2.2 million paid for a strikingly similar Hemi Cuda (chassis #BS27R1B269588) fetched nearly seven years ago in Scottsdale and another that was the first muscle car to break the million-dollar mark in 2002. We're plenty used to seeing classic cars selling for millions of dollars. Joe, Hey Jo; Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Cars User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The underside is close to perfect. Listed for sale here on eBay, it is located in Traverse City, Michigan. I can stare at the car as an art piece and sleep in a sleeping bag beside it . Good solid doors, nice cowl, perfect original floors, rockers inner and outer, quarters and inner quarters. 1969 Plymouth Barricuda 2-door coupe PROJECT CAR, with 318 V8 engine, forest green exterior and upholstery. Great candidate for a do-it-yourself restoration. 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55. 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Additional Info: Mostly complete 1970 Plymouth Barracuda project car. Has all original floors, frame rails, braces, etc. Plymouth / Cuda / 1970. Mostly complete 1970 Plymouth Barracuda project car. The car didn't get its own sheet metal until 1967. And good luck with that. B = Plymouth BarracudaH = High27 = ConvertibleCOB, C = 225 145HP 1-1BBL 6 CYL0 = 1970B = Dodge Main, amtramck, I, SAPRXW, Trim Grade/Style/ColorP = PremiumR = Vinyl and Leather Bucket SeatsX = Black000, San Luis Obispo, California, United States, 1970 PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA AWESOME PROJECT CAR, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda 440 4-speed Project, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Project CUDA 1971, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Cuda Restomod HEMI 6.1 Project, 1970 PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA , 70 CUDA RUNNING PROJECT, MANUAL , CALIFORNIA, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Cuda Restomod Project Car 340 4-speed Vitamin C, 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda Project parked since 1978 barracuda V code 6 pack, 1974 Plymouth Barracuda with Factory Cuda package 1970 1971 project, 1970 PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA 318 NUMBERS MATCH, FARM FIND ORIGINAL PAINT PROJECT, 1970 Project Car. This car needs a total restoration. Joe. The vehicle is drivable and is For sale! If I could only go back in time. Selling with proper dealer paperwork. Anyway, BH of serial is the H should be your second digit. Body Type: Hardtop - Coupe. But the game more Oct 8, 2022 For Sale 6 Comments New Transmission: 1972 Plymouth 'Cuda 340 The price was $1,500. The tunnel is properly welded in. Out of 48,867 Barracudas built for 1970, just 2,501 would be convertibles, broken down as follows: Barracuda 1,387, Gran Coupe 566 and Cuda 548. After restoration this car will be worth a lot of money. 1970 Barracuda (not cuda), 383cid 4-speed. . The full list of sale prices doesn't seem to be published, but according to The New York Times, the auction brought in a total of $2.5 million, or an average of about $277,000 per car.The king of the contest seems to be a 1970 Plymouth Superbird (above, right), complete with a 426-cubic-inch Hemi V8, which brought home $575,000. We will also work with your shipper to help load. No. He also replaced the drag radials he'd installed with reproduction Goodyear "Polyglas GT" tires, for a more OE look. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Manage Settings A Mopar from Michigan with a solid body??? 1976 Pontiac Trans Am $ 59,900 or $734/mo. THE CAR WAS AN AUTOMATIC CAR SMALL BLOCK V8,WAS VERY LITTLE RUST ON CAR,HAS ALL BEEN PROFESSIONALLY REPAIRED. Front seats need upholstery but we have brand new seat covers that match the rear seat in boxes from legendary. Buyer responsible for all shipping and handling cost. Been collecting the cars and info since they were new. The car had a fair amount of options and we can provide you a decoded list of the fender tag which we also have. He mentions a fender tag but does not give codes or show it ? Headliner has a split seam. Numbers matchin, Car will nee floor work rear rails 1/4 tail panel etc nees full resto but they are getting harer an harder to find i was lucky to find a few i am. Plymouth 1970 Cuda 340 coupe in LIME GREEN 1970 Plymouth BS23 340 Cuda e-code e-body 340 Cuda built in the LA plant. The Cuda was the performance version of the revitalized car. Goviers secretary said over phone that they made less than 300. Find new and used 1970 Plymouth Barracuda classic cars for sale near you by classic car dealers and private sellers on Classics on Autotrader. I've seen a couple E-bodies where guys sealed up the cars (ie. I have not seen an e-body convertible sell for less than $20,000 in a long long time. The seven-vehicle collection includes some of the ultimate muscle cars ever made, and the original buyer clearly had an eye for rarity.This cornucopia of V8 power includes a teal 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429, a 1967 Shelby GT500 Mustang, an orange 1970 Plymouth Superbird, a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS convertible and perhaps most prized of all - a trio of 1969 Yenko Chevys with a Chevelle, Nova and Camaro all represented. They also have the holes for the fender top turn signals. This auction is for a 1970 Plymouth Cuda. So, he sets out to find another one to build into the car of his dreams. . I do have the turn signals that I will include. This is an original 1971 Plymouth Barracuda with the special ordered 383 super commando For sale! I hope this lucky flipper gets his 70 grand for could of had money for life in lieu of someone who has money money to burn .., Hang on Im on the phone with loan officer on selling the house and buying a trailer err mini home This is an excellent platform to build it the way you want. ", Does this mean that he's finished with this project? V8 GAS Naturally Aspirated, 1970 Plymouth Cuda BS23 H-code 340 4 speed Real 'cuda Project Not a Barracuda, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Project CUDA 1971, 1971 Plymouth Cuda BB BS code project , barracuda 1970, 1971 Plymouth Cuda BS code project , barracuda 1970, Plymouth Barracuda 1970 Nice Complete Very Restorable Project Cuda, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Cuda Restomod Project Car 340 4-speed Vitamin C, 1970 plymouth barracuda cuda 1970 plymouth cuda, Great Body, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda Project parked since 1978 barracuda V code 6 pack, 1974 Plymouth Barracuda with Factory Cuda package 1970 1971 project, 1970 Plymouth Barracuda , 383 Big Block Cuda Project 1971 BB Console Lemon Twist. Before Chrysler had Street and Racing Technology, it had Performance Vehicle Operations. For sale! B-pillars are solid as this was NOT a vinyl top car. Would be perfect for a patina looking exterior with new interior and fresh drivetrain. This car is ready to become someones updated dream machine not a trailer queen! Pretty confident 700hp+ would lead to lots of issues with this chassis. Also have new carpet set. Upper cowl seam and area around master cylinder are solid. "I decided then to go more with a restored look on the car," he says. Wonder if there is a build sheet under that back seat ? New wiring harness, new AAR antennae. You know how hollow and terrible they sounded originally.". 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, one of five. The first thing to note about this Plymouth is that underneath that primer, the car appears to be absolutely solid. It will be sold in as-is condition with a Texas title and all applicable sales documentation. The car originallycame FC7 Plum Crazy Metallic with white vinyl top and white and black interior. I know youre hiding. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Seats are surprisingly good and could be re-dyed. By the way, all body numbers match. Become a member to add images to your comments. Or subscribe without commenting. RESTORATION WAS STARTED IN 2006. The seller states that he car has traveled 118,057 miles with an engine under the hood but no word on how long it has sat without a drivetrain. Certainly some bonehead has totalled a Hellcat by now, making the drivetrain available. 1973 Cuda 340 Automatic. 2040Cars.com 2012-2023. Bondo for sure all over them. It also has 915 heads, the correct rods, the pan, valve covers, correct AAR exhaust manifolds, correct AAR torsion rods, a correct aluminum 3x2 set up with correct carbs, the air cleaner pan, air cleaner and lid. The owner has had it for 1 year. The front fenders I believe are off a 1970 AAR Cuda as evidenced by the lower front fender spoiler holes and the antenna delete hole on passenger fender. Extensive rust poorly repaired already. HAVE ALL GLASS IN TACK BUT NO WINDSHIELD.ALL THE PIECES I HAVE GO WITH IT. What the two entities have in common, before SRT became its own brand, of course, is that each was created to take Chrysler and Dodge (and Plymouth, before it was unceremoniously killed off) vehicles to the next level of style and performance.We'll leave the question of whether or not the old Plymouth (and later Chrysler) Prowler was ultimately a stylish, performance-oriented car to you, but the boys and girls currently leading the SRT charge at the Pentastar headquarters are keen to accept the retro-rod into the fold.According to the automaker, all of SRT's current high-performance models owe a debt of gratitude to the old Prowler, due mostly to that car's use of lightweight bits and pieces and innovative construction techniques. The engine bay is currently empty, but it used to house a 383 backed by a 727 automatic transmission. After all, they are muscle cars bought with actual blood money. California vw bus for sale. Update: I have had a number of Ebayers ask for underside, trunk and under hood shots. Up for auction is my 1971 Plymouth Barracuda project. installing holley oil pan 1971 Plymouth Cuda project car. The Plymouth 'Cuda is a car with styling that embodies a real muscle car. It sold for $80k. Before that replacement one is finished, life interrupts the project, which is then put away until many years later. This Barracuda appears to have started life as a white car, but with it dismantled to its current state, it would be up to the new owner to decide how they would finish and re-trim the car. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. I get the engineering, the racing heritage, and the torque, but I think the 440 is a much better all around engine that can generate big HP and torque numbers with greater ease of maintenance, parts availability, etc. It originally came with the 275 hp 340 4bbl with auto trans. I have the build sheet, fender tag and VIN if needed for further info. Also they removed the rear tail pan and replaced it with the new one. Thanks for that info. Performance didn't become a priority until 1969, but the car was still an also-ran. This 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is a roller located in Madison, Tennessee. 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gateway Classic Cars of Kansas City is proud to present this gorgeous 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Cuda Restomod Project Car 340 4-speed Vitamin C San Luis Obispo, California, United States 340 Manual 999,999 1970 1970 plymouth barracuda cuda 1970 plymouth cuda, Great Body, 1971, 1972, 1973 Foxboro, Massachusetts, United States none 99,999 1970 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda Project parked since 1978 barracuda V code 6 pack While we'd normally recap the stars of the show, in this particular auction, every car's sale was newsworthy. I would think the right body guy will straighten these out rather than replace them but if you need replacements I have a friend that has a pair of U.S.A made quarters that he will sell for $200. center caps. There are some rare American exceptions, usually wearing the names Duesenberg or Shelby. It's just that they're usually European: Ferraris, Bugattis, Mercedes and the like. Back seat is in real nice shape. 1972 318 V8 Plymouth Barracuda Roller project. Classic cars for sale in the most trusted collector car marketplace in the world. I think you can buy brand new Cuda bodies somewhere, then make what you want. scrubstar scrubs sets, private skating lessons oakville,

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